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Moon Signs

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From Our Blog: Dreams and Your Moon Sign

More than likely, you’ve learned a great deal about your Sun sign. We can understand the Sun as your life force energy and ego behavior. However, the Moon shows who you are below the surface. It represents subconscious defenses and the texture of the environment that you will need to feel safe and secure.

The Moon as an Archetype in ancient times was usually associated with dreaming, mothering and was worshipped for fertility. Similarly the Moon symbolizes our emotional body, unconscious life and represents the Anima for a male and the emotional nurturing received from mother. This sensitivity can be projected onto mates until such a time that the man allows for the evolution of his own emotional nature.

In early life, the mother can be described by the sign, house placement and aspects to the Moon, even if her Sun sign is different. You had distinct needs when you were born and Mother provided security. Later in life the Moon shows what you need to feel comfortable and secure. The Moon is not focused on harmony in the way of Venus and is not consciously accessible like Mercury. It can drive you in the same way as Mars but the motivations are more subconscious.

The Moon is more active in your dream life because when we dream, ego defenses are no longer operative and the area that Freud labeled the id finds the freedom of expression. The Moon is a lot like the id in that it wants satisfaction, gratification and comfort above all else. Transits and difficult natal aspects to the Moon can be challenging because our early subconscious programming is not easy to change. When we dream we find a safe environment to explore the insecurities of our lunar life and whether or not we remember our dreams, they change us.

If your life is riddled with anxiety or if relationships are anything but harmonious, you may want to take the time to understand and nurture the needs of your Moon. The house position will show the area of life where you seek security and comfort. Planets in contact with the Moon will show how you go about getting your needs met.

The sign position of the Moon will portray the mythical backdrop or influences that shape your lunar expression. The planet that rules the sign or house will also shed light on areas of life (by placement) that are important in building a foundation that provides security.

Moon in Aries (Fire Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery emotions of the Moon with the fiery energy of Mars and Aries the Hunter? An impulsive and enthusiastic emotional response that is ever looking for the next conquest. While the moon in Aries can make one hot headed, they are not one to hold grudges.

Always the cheerleader, Aries Moon can be relied upon to reveal the silver lining to anyone who is facing difficulty. Their enthusiasm is magnetic and their emotional exuberance is what makes them effective leaders. However, their fiery approach to meeting life head on can be intimidating or wearing on the more sedate Moon signs. This is truly the placement of one who rises each day as if they are reborn for a new adventure.

Moon in Aries can stir the pot creating drama around them so that they can bring others into the same high level intensity that they feel. Optimistic and energetic, they believe that when they set their heart on something nothing can stop them from obtaining it. Their search for security will often come from the value they place on accomplishing something. Unfortunately their drive for accomplishment is never ending. If they can learn to relax and enjoy their achievements prior to going after another, life will be more enjoyable.

Moon in Taurus (Earth Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery emotions of the Moon with pleasure seeking Venus and the tenacity of a Bull? A person who seeks comfort in aesthetics, security in a green pasture they can call home and is not easily swayed by the prodding of others. Where Venus can make them highly romantic, stubbornness keeps them rooted to their comfort zone.

Self-reliant and independent, they are not known to compromise. However they take great pleasure in offering their peaceful pasture to anyone seeking refuge. Venus makes them affectionate and Taurus provides an earthy sensuality that makes them alluring.

Since Taurus rules resources and what is valued, Moon in Taurus will work hard to obtain a lifestyle of comfort and financial security. This placement likes to collect family heirlooms and items that embody their values. Of all the signs, Taurus relates most to the senses so food, music, art and anything that ignites the senses brings great enjoyment. They require the certainty of ownership to feel secure and can find relaxation in the garden or by working with their hands.

Moon in Gemini (Air Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery emotions of the Moon with clever Mercury and Gemini the thinker? An emotional response that keeps all doors open and has a knack for slipping out the back jack.

Moon in Gemini is very witty and charming and in emotional situations values intellectual stimulation and the search for truth above all else. Inquisitive, sociable and able to detach to move in several directions at once, this is a Moon sign that has a tendency to intellectualize emotions rather than feel them. Since this placement grows bored easily, the search for security can be quite happily traded for a vagabond lifestyle.

The erratic energy of Mercury can make them feel nervous if anyone was to attempt to grab a hold of their winged sandals. Reading a book, blogging or seeking daily inspiration for new ideas is how Moon in Gemini finds relaxation.

Moon in Cancer (Water Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery emotions of the Moon with the protected covering of a hard shelled crab? An emotional response that is extremely sensitive, and a search for security that looks a lot like skedaddling for cover.

As a water sign, Moon in Cancer is highly intuitive and can pick up the emotions of others. Since Cancer rules the 4th house, this placement can make one a great nurturer in a motherly way. Of course the double dose of the moon can make them extremely moody, but this lunar quality also bestows a wry sense of humor.

Their search for security comes from knowing that they are valued in the lives of others. Home is very important to this Moon sign so it is important that they build a safe haven for themselves. Cooking for guests or doing some type of organizational project is how Moon in Cancer finds relaxation.

Moon in Leo (Fire Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery emotions of the Moon with the passionate energy of a Lion and the ego driven Sun? An emotional response that thrives on attention and the affectionate stroking of others.

There is a great sense of pride active in this Moon sign and the public image is very important. If slighted or humiliated they will withdraw to lick their wounds. Since the Sun is related to the ego, Moon in Leo can be quite dramatic and drawn to the limelight.

As the ruler of the 5th house of creativity and children they are great performers as well as behaving like a parent to others. They are very generous and while they offer advice and support to others they are not ones to take it. Their search for security will be tied to their ability to express their passion and to be recognized for their strength of character.

As long as they are respected and strong in their public image they will feel secure. Theater, romance novels or basking in an environment of love and stroking is how Leo Moon finds relaxation.

Moon in Virgo (Earth Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery energy of the Moon with the analytical and service oriented drive of Virgo? An emotional way of interaction which places great emphasis on being helpful to others. Accomplishing tasks in an organized way can offer a sense of peace for this Moon placement who doesn’t demand a lot from the world.

They use Mercury’s mental energy establishing routines so will not do well in any environment where they are forced to deal with the unexpected. Virgo can remain skeptical in relationships, sometimes appearing cold when that is certainly not their intention. In fact, they thrive on doing things for others as a way of showing their affection.

Virgo is sometimes shy and can even demonstrate a low sense of self esteem. Mercury gives them a lively intellect and humor when they feel comfortable expressing themselves. This Moon placement is not seeking any type of ego gratification.

Their search for security and relaxation involves organizational activities or even cleaning. They simply want to stay in their comfort zone where stress is kept to a minimum.

Moon in Libra (Air Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery energy of the Moon with pleasure seeking Venus and the diplomatic qualities of Libra? Since Libra rules the 7th house, partnerships are very important and they may marry early in life. This is a Moon placement that thrives on shared activities with others.

They are certainly not loners and are often graceful and even humorous. Libra Moon is notoriously indecisive because they are weighing everything in their scales and are able to see all points of views except their own.

Moon in an air sign like Libra can tend toward the intellectualization of feelings and lots of discussions about them without ever understanding them. Their search for security will be tied to establishing a strong bond with another and staying in a relationship. Venus can lead them to overindulgence but they rely on their attractiveness and flirty mannerisms so as long as it doesn’t affect the waistline, what’s the harm?

Libra is a sign that has great difficulty with discord and they will argue their point until they are certain that there are no hard feelings. The Venus rulership of Libra seeks harmony at all costs and since air signs like to keep emotions in the head, they may connect with or cover their emotions by using substances. Social situations provide the environment where this sign finds relaxation through discourse with others. As long as the atmosphere remains harmonious, they feel comfortable and secure.

Moon in Scorpio (Water Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery energy of the Moon with the underground energy of Pluto and deep and intense Scorpio? A person who is drawn to emotional intensity that can be both disturbing and intriguing. Scorpio operates in a subterranean way so this Moon placement can lean toward a passive aggressive approach.

They live for emotional drama and intensity so if the environment becomes too routine they will give a little sting to keep things hot and lively. Commitment and sacrifice are perfect accoutrements for the Scorpio lifestyle that sustains them. They have a knack for immediately sizing up anyone they meet in a matter of moments and while they love to use the shock factor when interacting with others, they are not easily intimidated. Their charisma ensures that those they meet remain intrigued and when they decide they want something their tenacity is unmatched.

Their search for security involves non conformity and the type of freedom that allows them to explore their power both when they are exerting it and when another exerts power over them. This is an excellent placement for therapists or anyone drawn to understanding human behavior. Scorpio Moon lives for drama so security for them is actually the freedom to keep life intense and transformative.

Moon in Sagittarius (Fire Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery energy of the Moon with jovial Jupiter and the Sagittarian envelope pusher and philosopher? An emotional response that sees borders as something that leads to greener pastures. This placement needs plenty of freedom and space to ensure that their happy go lucky attitude remains intact.

Sagittarius is a great lover of the outdoors so an emotional recharge is usually found in nature, either climbing mountains or through competitive activities. Their passion for philosophy and adventure can lead them to sample various cultures all over the world. They do not see much value in material things or commitments because these things can only tie them down.

Their search for security will be closely tied to the freedom to be their own person and to make their own decisions. Any threat to their independence will send them packing. Relationships are best when they are more like a friendship or equal partnership rather than a contract of commitment. If a philosophical principle cannot be proven in nature, it is probably not something they will buy into.

Security comes from knowing they have the freedom to keep moving and relaxation is found through exercise.

Moon in Capricorn (Earth Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery energy of the Moon with the tenacious mountain goat and the disciplinarian energy of Saturn? An emotional response of a brooding quality which they avoid sharing with others.

As an earth sign, Capricorn is drawn to boundaries and clear expectations so security is tied to how they can control the outcome. They avoid the drama of emotional exchanges and are extremely productive in achieving their ambitions. Intimacy for this Moon sign is tied to the financial picture and the security it provides so they weigh up potential partners from this angle. Emotional drama or neediness will send them packing.

They can be their own worst enemy and their coldness can hide the insecurity they feel. In fact, it is their cold demeanor that seems to bring the emotional fireworks out in their partner. It is a difficult placement for the emotional realm of the Moon and potential partners will need patience in achieving a deeper bond with them.

Constancy will have to be proven and while they can be great providers, they don’t want to feel others are dependent on them. Security for this sign is found through discipline and routine. Of all the Moon signs, this one tends toward compulsive behaviors that are not easily changed.

Relaxation is found in their connection to nature which will involve exercise or goal achievement, like extreme mountain climbing or backpacking.

Moon in Aquarius (Air Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery energy of the Moon with the zany energy of Uranus and the Aquarian scientist? A detached emotional response that makes one feel different from others because they are so good at understanding the emotions of others.

This Moon placement wants to be known as unique or unpredictable, therefore emotional intimacy will remain a puzzle always missing the one piece that will solve it. Like the other air signs, much of what they feel will be explored as an idea rather than a feeling. They are not comfortable expressing emotion unless it is done as an intellectual exercise so if their feelings do become overwhelming it can look more like a temper tantrum.

They are extremely compassionate and caring of others but this is more of a philosophical outlook and not necessarily demonstrated through their actions. Extremely magnetic and charming, they thrive on the shock factor and like to get right to the heart of the truth without the need to tiptoe around another’s feelings.

Security for this sign is tied to sharing good times with friends where they can explore their unique ideas through debate. Uranus is a planet that promotes freedom from the known so they are drawn to eclectic people and unusual places. They are reliable and steadfast friends even when they see themselves as unpredictable.

Moon in Aquarius finds comfort in inspiration and solving life’s deeper mysteries. They seek freedom from conformity and find comfort validating all the ways that they are different.

Moon in Pisces (Water Sign)

What do you get when you mix the watery energy of the Moon with the nebulous realm of Neptune and the Pisces fishes? An emotional response that is so deep it is almost psychic and a feeling nature that has no sense of boundaries. The inner world of the Moon in Pisces individual is oceanic and it is easy for them to relate to others in a deep and compassionate way.

Seeking a sense of security for themselves will not come easy until they open to the idea that the mind is capable of more than just ego concerns. This placement gives incredible intuition and psychic abilities and they will know how others are feeling even when nothing is said. They pick up the vibe of their environment as if there is nothing separating them from everything around them.

While their insecurities can make them drawn to the reinforcement of others, it is important that they find solitude to recharge and re-establish their boundaries. They are extremely open-minded and changeable and must guard against being taken advantage of.

The symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions can show how reason and intuition are at odds for all of us. Moon in Pisces will appear to vacillate or remain undecided until they completely satisfy both psychic functions.

Where other Moon signs find comfort in material, intellectual or professional concerns, Moon in Pisces will always be operating intuitively where words are not necessary. Security for Moon in Pisces comes from validating their intuition and giving life to the wellspring of their creative and spiritual leanings. Their incredible sensitivity and creativity can lead them to find comfort in imaginative writing, music or healing work.


Moon in the First House (Influenced by Aries/Mars)

Since the First House represents how we appear to others, having the Moon in this placement makes it hard to hide what you are feeling. You can come across as highly emotional, reactionary or defensive. The search for security is tied to your ability to remain independent and free to be yourself. This is a great position for a motivational speaker or any profession that empowers others. You have a gift for delivering exactly what the masses are looking for at any given time. Your enthusiasm is magnetic and the only challenge will be in learning how to be a team player. You would do best in an entrepreneurial career where you call the shots.

Moon in the Second House (Influenced by Taurus/Venus)

Since the Second House represents what we value and is tied to resources, the Moon in this placement exercises its insecurities looking for financial security. Validating a sense of self worth can be a lifelong quest as you go through periods of spending impulsively and then worrying about savings. The challenge for you will be in recognizing that self worth can be tied to what you offer the world and others, rather than how well you take care of yourself. This is an excellent position for a stock broker or financial planner since you learn early in life the value of saving for a rainy day.

Moon in the Third House (Influenced by Gemini/Mercury)

Since the Third House is tied to logical and intellectual expression, the Moon in the Third House can endow you with a non rational or intuitive way of interacting with others. It is not so much that the Moon is psychic in this placement but that you operate from assumptions based on gut feelings and not necessarily the truth. This placement can make you nervous and overly expressive as you seek to give intellectual certainty to your feelings. The Moon here does give you great insight about the feelings of others but the challenge will be in becoming a better listener. This is an excellent placement for a fiction or mystery writer as you possess the gift of expressing everyday ideas in a non logical and even humorous way.

Moon in the Fourth House (Influenced by Cancer/Moon)

Since the Fourth House rules the home environment, this placement brings first a strong bond with the mother and later, an intense desire to belong or have a safe haven. You remain attached to the family throughout life and may even take longer than most to leave the nest. Comfort and security comes from cooking or nurturing others. Your search to replicate the comfort of childhood can lead to marrying a mate that behaves like one of the parents. Or, you can play the part of the parent to others. This is an excellent placement for a realtor or interior designer since your fascination with finding the perfect nest is easily shared with others.

Moon in the Fifth House (Influenced by Leo/Sun)

Since the Fifth House rules creativity, children and romance, all of these areas will be highly important to your sense of security. Love affairs will not be taken lightly and regardless of the duration, to you they are intense and fated. Igniting the inspiration or creativity of children will be second nature to you because you are so good at dramatizing your expressive nature. Your childlike enthusiasm can border on being impractical so it is important that you establish a strong foundation that allows you to play in the realm of the imagination without forgetting to pay the electric bill. This is a perfect placement for a teacher, actor or artist. You will always be a reminder to others that imagination and enthusiasm is just as important as being practical.

Moon in the Sixth House (Influenced by Virgo/Mercury)

Since the Sixth House rules discipline and health, you will find comfort in a healthy lifestyle and being of service to others. You thrive on stimulation and may be so caught up in finding the job that ‘feels right’ that you never find satisfaction in work. The challenge for you will be in balancing your desire for routine with your desire for newness. A career that fulfills both impulses would be ideal. With the Moon in the house of health, it is not uncommon to demonstrate emotional unrest through hypochondriac behavior. Illnesses that are hard to diagnose would be best addressed as psychic unrest. A career in alternative healing would not only satisfy your desire to serve and heal others, it will ground you in the idea that wellness transcends physical vitality. Exploring innovative approaches to healing can bring you great satisfaction.

Moon in the Seventh House (Influenced by Libra/Venus)

Since the Seventh House rules relationships with others, you will learn much about your emotional life by exploring what others can teach you about yourself. Having a partner is important to you and while you may have difficulty finding the ‘right one’ your desire for companionship may lead you to explore a new relationship even before an existing relationship has ended. You have an uncanny ability to detect what another needs and embody it so it is important that you remain true to yourself. You are not a loner and thrive on the emotional support of others. This is a perfect placement for a career in social media, public relations, advertising or any work that involves delivering exactly what the public is seeking.

Moon in the Eighth House (Influenced by Scorpio/Pluto)

Since the Eighth House rules transformation, sex and other’s resources satisfying your deep emotional curiosity can lead to intense sexual encounters or security found by being dependent on another. The Eighth House symbolizes power plays so vacillating between being dominant and dominated may become a way for you to understand your deeper emotional being. You have a knack for understanding what motivates others and need to check any tendencies to be manipulative to get your needs met. Life feels very intense to you and you may also be fascinated with the underbelly of life. You enjoy deep and transformative discussions and avoid superficial people. This is a perfect placement for a career
in psychology or anything that allows your investigative curiosity to uncover what remains hidden.

Moon in the Ninth House (Influenced by Sagittarius/Jupiter)

Since the Ninth House rules philosophy, long distance travel and higher education you find comfort in exploring what you don’t know. You may be drawn to extensive travel and foreign cultures which can feel like home to you even though they are nothing like your childhood. You can be the perpetual student, seeking degrees as if this will eventually answer your undying curiosity. Exploring the meaning of life can be a lifelong quest for you. The challenge for you will be in discovering how to find comfort in the present rather than always searching for a greener pasture. You have a wealth of experiences to share with others and find enjoyment discussing the deeper meaning of mundane events. This is a perfect placement for any careers that explore culture, religion or even the natural sciences.

Moon in the Tenth House (Influenced by Capricorn/Saturn)

Since the Tenth House rules the career and public recognition, the Moon here allows you to embody what the masses need and endows you with personal charisma to influence others. What people think of you is important and achieving your ambitions can dominate your life. It is probable that your father had a strong influence in shaping your aspirations. It is also possible that the mother and father roles may have been reversed and that your mother was the dominant force in your household. Other’s expectations of what you should do with your life need to be examined against what you can do that will really fulfill you. Career decisions can be emotionally driven and it is important that passion is the cornerstone of your achievements. This is a perfect placement for a CEO or other charismatic figure head for a corporation or public entity. Your leadership skills are pronounced as is your ability to tap the seeds of genius and inspire those you lead.

Moon in the Eleventh House (Influenced by Aquarius/Uranus)

Since the Eleventh House rules goals, friends and groups, it is important that you find your clan and have a strong sense of belonging to it. You may place humanitarian or group needs ahead of your own needs. Women can be influential in helping you achieve your aspirations. Having a sense that you are accomplishing your goals is comforting so make sure that they are realistic, clear and actionable. You will put a lot into your friendships and expect your friends to be there for you when you need them. Perhaps you find a friend who acts more like a mother or your mother appeared more as a friend to you. In group settings, you may be the one to ensure that everyone is heard and that all needs are being met. Whatever message you deliver to the group will be heartfelt and emotionally driven. While it feels very important to belong in the group setting, the insecurities and neediness of the Moon may inhibit you from the type of personal sacrifice that is required to serve the team. This is an excellent placement for someone involved in leading grass root efforts, humanitarian reform, non-profit organizations or any career that serves the collective from a nurturing perspective.

Moon in the Twelfth House (Influenced by Pisces/Neptune)

Since the 12th house is the least personal of all the houses, called the house of escapism or self undoing, any planet located here will be difficult to access. Having the Moon in this placement is especially difficult because the Moon represents unconscious motivations and the 12th house can repress access to it. In early life those with Moon in the 12th house may have been left to fend for themselves so had to learn to self nurture. Perhaps the mother was absent or working which didn’t allow for the development of the belief that one’s need would be met. In some cases the bond between the mother and child in this placement is extremely psychic or co-dependent.

The challenge for this placement is to recognize that we are all truly alone and any guidance is something that you can only find within. Escapism or self gratifying behaviors may be prominent until such a time as you discover your inner strength of purpose. Like Moon in Pisces, you may pick up the emotions of others like a sponge and feel overwhelmed by your oceanic emotional life. Because you know what it is like to feel abandoned or alone you are extremely compassionate of other’s suffering. This is a perfect placement for healers, nurses, public servants or any career that involves working with the downtrodden or wounded.