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Jupiter Signs

Statue of Bacchus holding grapes

The placement of Jupiter in the chart will show the area of life we are most comfortable with the idea of expansion. Jupiter is associated with a sense of benevolence and luck, and its location within a house can describe where we seem to have a 'get out of jail' free card.

Jupiter drives us to make the changes that lead to fulfillment and can show the past of least resistance when feeling challenged. It is opposite to the energy of Saturn, which teaches discipline and brings about a sense of restriction. Jupiter's placement in the signs describes how it's expansive energy comes naturally and can be tapped. It's placement in a house can show the area of life we are most comfortable making changes.

Jupiter as an Archetype ties it to the stories of Bacchus, Dionysis and even Zeus. It is clearly the largest planet in our solar system and is why it is associated with benevolence, expansion and the pursuit of abundance.

Jupiter in Aries or First House

Aries is associated with the First House of the Persona and the part of the self we reveal to the public. Jupiter in Aries and the First House will be most comfortable in a growth environment that allows for the freedom to evolve our identity and express ourselves. This is a very innovative placement because Jupiter expands and Aries is a pioneer.

Life might appear as a tapestry of adventure where one can test their will against any type of adversity and always land on their feet, Jupiter in Aries will use their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial edge to drum up opportunities out of nowhere. Jupiter in the First House makes you appear jovial and optimistic to others. The qualities of Jupiter's expansiveness and benevolence are portrayed in the outer appearance.

Aries is ruled by Mars, so the combination of expansion and conquest will provide the perfect environment for growth. When examining a path out of difficulty, Jupiter's luck will manifest as new beginnings or the fearless expression of pioneering ideas. Transformation comes easy as Jupiter bestows a light hearted attitude in the area of new beginnings. Jupiter in Aries inspires the idea of going where nobody has gone before and being comfortable in expressing who you are.

Jupiter in Taurus or Second House

Taurus is associated with the Second House of personal values and resources. Jupiter in Taurus or the Second House will find comfort in all of the tangible things that give life meaning. This is an earthy placement for Jupiter and can bestow gifts in any area related to managing money, culinary arts, agriculture or even music, since Taurus is so sensually driven.

Whatever we can taste, touch, hear, see or smell, Jupiter in Taurus can become a connoisseur of it, and capitalize on sharing it. This is an excellent placement for investments of any type and Jupiter in the Second House seems to ensure that the native always has what they need. Taurus is ruled by Venus so the combination of Jupiter and Venus pack a double dose of sensuality and pleasure seeking.

Jupiter's luck will manifest through applied patience and a respect for security. When examining a path out of difficulty, relief comes through determination, staying power and the knowledge of one's inherent value. Jupiter in Taurus inspires the idea of honoring the gifts of being human and appreciating the natural resources around us.

Jupiter in Gemini or Third House

This is a playful placement for Jupiter and since Gemini is associated with the Third House, can bestow intellectual gifts through the art of communication. While other areas of the chart can describe a more serious approach, Jupiter in Gemini suggests childlike curiosity.

Jupiter relates to publishing and Gemini is a highly communicative sign, so this placement can suggest success in media or writing. Jupiter in the Third House also relates to siblings and our brothers and sisters can take on the characteristics of Jupiter.

The native has an easy way of communicating with those around them. Witty and ingenious, Jupiter in Gemini will always present as the comic relief in any type of social gathering. Mercury rules Gemini, so the mind can be lightning quick. Everyday ideas can be given a clever spin, making Jupiter in Gemini or Gemini in the Third House perfect for sales and marketing.

When examining a path out of difficulty, Jupiter's luck will manifest through the use of wit and ingenuity. It is not big picture ideas Gemini is after, but a gathering of how concepts can be rearranged to be viewed and applied differently. Jupiter in Gemini inspires the idea of returning to childlike wonder and applying curiosity to find our way forward.

Jupiter in Cancer or Fourth House

Cancer and the Fourth House are associated with the home environment and Jupiter will find success and comfort in all that relates to how we retreat to find emotional security. This is a good placement for investing or selling real estate or guiding others in designing their home for optimal comfort and convenience.

Jupiter in Cancer will enjoy entertaining in the home and will have a deep internal sense that all is okay in the world. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is somewhat opposite to what Jupiter attempts to accomplish through expansion. The Moon describes the subconscious, mothering and habitual behavior. However, Jupiter is said to be exalted in Cancer because both Jupiter and the Moon describe the path to fulfillment and how we can achieve security and comfort. Jupiter provides this easily to the native.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign and Jupiter in Cancer suggests managerial gifts. As a leader, Jupiter in Cancer understands the importance of culture within an organizational environment and ensures all employees are served equally. When examining a path out of difficulty, Jupiter's luck will manifest through nurturing others or from discovering that the home is everywhere as we take our internal perspective wherever we go. Jupiter in Cancer inspires the idea of making changes that lead to emotional satisfaction.

Jupiter in Leo or the Fifth House

Leo and the Fifth House relate to children, creativity, recreation and leisure. Jupiter in Leo will have strong motivational gifts and will find success in inspiring others. This placement can inspire enormous creative vision and can suggest success through art. One's children too, can be a great source of satisfaction.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun relates to the personality, therefore Jupiter in Leo can have a 'larger than life' personality, inspiring others through motivational speaking or simply teaching children to become the best they can be. Like Aries, Leo is a fire sign and Jupiter in Leo is also most comfortable following their own drummer.

As a leader, Jupiter in Leo can inspire the team to achieve their goals, not through demands or coddling, but because they walk the talk and others can easily adopt all that Jupiter in Leo teaches them. When examining a path out of difficulty, Jupiter in Leo offers luck through optimism. Returning to one's core and taking a fresh breath of exuberance is often the only change that is needed.

Jupiter in Leo inspires the idea that obstacles are an illusion and attitude is everything. Jupiter in the Fifth House will bestow luck in the area of children and creativity.

Jupiter in Virgo or the Sixth House

Virgo and the Sixth House are associated with work, service, routine and hygiene. While the Tenth House shows the career we aspire to, the Sixth House shows the actual work we do. This is a detail oriented placement for Jupiter and expansion is best expressed in an orderly and rational fashion. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, but Virgo is an Earth sign while Gemini is an Air sign.

Mercury is more grounded in Virgo, so rather than using the mind for playful and curious exploration, Jupiter in Virgo is more critical and inquisitive. The difference between curiosity and inquisitiveness is that curiosity means anything is possible, where inquisitiveness is more methodically applied.

Jupiter in Virgo can bestow intellectual gifts that are more scientific in nature. Virgo is happiest with a clearly defined set of rules, so Jupiter will inspire the type of comfort that can come from routine.

When examining a path out of difficulty, Jupiter in Virgo offers luck and breakthroughs when serving others or applying discipline. Jupiter in the Sixth House of in Virgo inspires the idea that expansion is more enduring when applied carefully and tested for its validity.

Jupiter in Libra or the Seventh House

Jupiter in the Seventh House can show the type of partner we are drawn to, who would embody the qualities of Jupiter's benevolence and light hearted approach to life. In looking at Jupiter in Gemini and Virgo we saw how the energy of their ruler Mercury behaves differently in Air and Earth signs. A similar thing happens to Venus ruled Libra, which is Air when compared to Venus ruled Taurus as an Earth sign.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign and Venus operates more in the area of the mind for Libra. Where Mercury relates to the logical and intellectual part of the mind, Venus has more of a right brain orientation allowing the Jupiter in Libra native to observe how all the parts fit into the whole. Associated with the Seventh House of relationships, Libra is the ultimate diplomat with enormous compassion and a desire for grace and harmony through interaction.

Jupiter in Libra bestows the gift of helping others to express themselves and can describe success in interviewing or representing the thoughts of others. This is an excellent placement for a lawyer of for someone involved in public service. Jupiter in Libra is happiest in an environment without any discord and when playfully exploring the thoughts and opinions of others.

When examining a path for change, Jupiter in Libra will offer luck when being open minded and treating others equally without being manipulated. Jupiter in Libra inspires the idea that expansion is accomplished best through consensus and compassion and when allowing the mind to be open and without judgment and preconceptions.

Jupiter in Scorpio or the Eighth House

Scorpio and the Eighth House are associated with transformation, sex and our deeper connection to others. Ruled by Pluto, there is allot of depth to Jupiter in Scorpio and suggests luck in work related to human behavior, banking, insurance or investigation.

As a Water sign, Jupiter drives the individual to find faith in a higher power and to learn to trust and find a sense of security in our relationship to others. An innate understanding of the vicissitudes of the human journey offers Jupiter in Scorpio opportunities to heal others, especially during times of grief because of their undying optimism in all that unfolds and what it teaches us.

When examining changes, Jupiter in Scorpio will offer luck when one recognizes the difference between interdependence and dependence and learning how intimacy is the key to having deeper human relationships.

Jupiter in Scorpio inspires the idea that life has more texture and definition when we allow our feelings to have expression. Jupiter in the Eighth House suggest that the deeper dimensions of life can only be accessed by embracing all of its vicissitudes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius or Ninth House

Sagittarius and the Ninth House are both associated with philosophy and higher education. Jupiter in Sagittarius excels in teaching or can even become a lifelong student themselves. Whether as a yoga instructor, university professor or through publishing, Jupiter in Sagittarius is most comfortable when sharing and exploring life's bigger picture.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so this is a natural placement for this planet. Jupiter in the Ninth House can manifest as expanded consciousness through travel in foreign lands. As a Fire sign, Sagittarius is passionate and adventurous and the freedom to explore and grow are important.

When examining a path out of difficulty, the path of least resistance will involve practicing what is preached or taking a sabbatical in nature to reinvigorate inspiration. Nature offers a healing environment for Jupiter in Sagittarius and the native might teach through sports and recreation. Jupiter in Sagittarius or the Ninth House inspires the idea that expansion is an elixir and that life reveals its meaning when we are conscious, present and appreciative.

When the mundane details of day to day life becoming consuming, Jupiter in Sagittarius will be most comfortable when stepping back to understand the bigger picture.

Jupiter in Capricorn or Tenth House

Capricorn is associated with the Tenth House of public standing, big business and all that we aspire to achieve in our career. As an Earth sign, Jupiter in Capricorn is most comfortable in a practical environment where one has a clear sense of how work translates into achievement.

Jupiter in the Tenth House can lead the native into a career of running a large corporation, management or building a successful company from the ground up. This is another aspect that can also bring success and luck through publishing.

When examining a path for change, success is tied to methodical work and not doing anything that would diminish one's integrity. The reputation needs to be considered during times of challenge.

Capricorn is the Mountain Goat and thrives on building a strong foundation where opportunities to climb the corporate ladder are abundant. Jupiter in Capricorn or Tenth House inspires the idea that expansion is equal part opportunity and dedication to good work. Much success will be found through the career.

Jupiter in Aquarius or Eleventh House

Aquarius is another Air sign which brings Jupiter's sense of expansion into the mental arena. Aquarius is associated with the Eleventh house of groups, friends, humanity and aspirations, Jupiter in Aquarius or the Eleventh House is most comfortable in an environment that allows for the freedom of thought.

Enjoying how one participates in a group setting, Jupiter in Aquarius will naturally rise to a position of leadership. Aquarius is ruled by the sideways spinning planet Uranus, and Jupiter will bring opportunities in the areas of science, serving or exploring humanity in some way and is especially gifted in the area of technology.

Aquarius is the most innovative sign in the zodiac, specifically because it bestows ideas that are outside of the box. Jupiter in Aquarius will need the freedom to be authentic, regardless of the demands society puts on the individual to conform.

When examining changes, one can receive a sudden flash of insight or inspiration. The path forward may return the individual back to their authentic expression and away from the limitations imposed on one's thoughts and judgments.

Jupiter in Aquarius is inventive and inspires the idea that expansion is usually associated with the unknown or discovered on a path that others may ignore. What Jupiter in Aquarius may lack in interpersonal skills because of their dedication to authenticity, they more than make up for in their passion to serve humanity in some way.

Jupiter in Pisces or Twelfth House

Pisces is associated with the Twelfth House and the planet Neptune, which have little to do with ego and aggressiveness. Jupiter in Pisces or the Twelfth House offers a very creative and spiritual placement and the native may have an opportunity at some point in their life to glimpse the higher realms, beyond what most people experience.

Whether through inspiration or an epiphany, they may find themselves on a path of sharing the light for others in their times of darkness. The native is charitable and may serve those who are suffering or misguided through medicine or institutions. Jupiter in Pisces or the Twelfth House is most comfortable working in an environment that is a constant reminder of their spiritual vision.

Their gift is in service to others, whether to inspire through art or a well defined spiritual perspective. When exploring a path of difficulty, Jupiter will bestow its luck sometimes in the final hour after a type of spiritual awakening. No matter the difficulty, Jupiter in Pisces is like having a guardian angel that prods growth, but always helps the individual to realign with their enormous creative vision.

During any time of difficulty, Jupiter in the Twelfth House may need to appreciate the purpose of solitude and honor their unique vision, which may never be supported or understood by others. Why the native is inspired is not as important as the inspiration itself, so rather than look for acceptance, relax into the knowledge that your purpose is real.

Jupiter in Pisces and the Twelfth House inspires the idea that life is equally a blending of an inner and outer journey, where dreams, inspiration and intuition are sometimes more important than what we encounter during the day.