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Mars Signs

Mars statue with athena in battle

Mars describes our will and how we pursue the things we desire. Freud would call this the libidinal energy because it is focused on drives that are not necessarily interested in conforming and can be sexual in nature. Associated with the war deities, Mars can represent one's temperament and how aggressive or passive we are in pursuing our desires.

Mars in Aries

Mars rules Aries, a sign that has a strong initiative and is considered a pioneer. Mars is at home in this sign and the individual can be impulsive and demonstrate strong leadership or entrepreneurial skills. Highly inspired and visionary, this placement is not as good with stamina or completing something over the long haul. Once a project is set in motion, they are likely to lose interest so delegation is necessary. Aries is a fire sign and Mars pursues relationships with passion and vigor. Mates need to be spontaneous to keep up with their desire for change and adventure. This is an extremely assertive placement that embodies the archetype of conquest. No matter the situation, Mars in Aries will want to take charge and may feel stifled when a relationship becomes predictable. In terms of passion, Mars enjoys challenges and can sometimes appear very forceful or willful. They are at their best in a leadership position or as an entrepreneur, but would be challenged by routine work.

Mars in Taurus

Taurus is associated with security, patience and perseverance. This is a very stable postion for Mars, endowing the individual with the ability to go the distance in any situation. While they are not brought to anger easily, Mars behaves like the bull and can be formidable if they are challenged. Rather than appearing forceful, this placement allows them to calmly assess the situation until they can see the appropriate time to charge forward. Mars in Taurus gives a type of stamina that achieves desires out of tenacity. Taurus is a very sensual sign, ruled by Venus, and Mars in Taurus is attracted to mates that demonstrate prowess, power and an earthy sensuality. Security is important to this sign, and they are slow to change, but once the change is in their sites, they pursue it with the same single mindedness of purpose. A sense of humor is evident in this placement and individuals are attracted to humor when courting. This is a very grounded placement for Mars but bestows a great power to succeed.

Mars in Gemini

Gemini offers a sort of playfulness to Mars that is almost childlike. The individual can appear disorganized or lack focus because they enjoy intellectual stimulation and operate more from ideas than will power. This is a placement that would enjoy talking and fantasizing about the courting process rather than dive right into it. Since Gemini is an air sign, prospective mates will need to understand and appreciate how communication, intelligence and the world of ideas plays an important part in what is deemed attractive in a partner. This is an excellent placement for sales people because Mars in Gemini loves the art of communication and can talk anyone into anything. In terms of battle, Mars uses words as barbs, sometimes playfully, but at other times as a weapon. This is a changeable placement so one can seem to have many false starts or pursue several courses at the same time. Gemini is ruled by winged footed Hermes so with Mars in Gemini, the individual can be clever and difficult to pin down. Their childlike nature ensures they always land on their feet. They can intellectualize anything and remain in the mind even during intimacy, perhaps talking, which can be unsettling to those who like to kiss with their eyes closed.

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer pursues the object of their desire like a crab. You might wonder if they are getting anywhere as they skedaddle from side to side, but eventually they do arrive. There is a seriousness to this placement and much emotion behind their motivation. As a water sign, the courtship process can involve looking at childhood photos or going antique shopping. Mars in Cancer has a strange fascination with honoring the past. The Moon rules Cancer and Mars can be drawn to security, cooking and a romantic evening at home. In business, Mars in Cancer makes excellent managers. They are efficient and organized and possess the sensitivity to lead the group toward the desired outcome. In relationships, this placement can suggest moodiness or extreme sensitivity. Like the roman soldiers dressed in armor, Mars in Cancer can pursue as a way of offering protection or wards off attack by retreating or erecting defenses. The prospective mate needs to appreciate just how sensitive this placement makes Mars. Dedication and nurturing come easy to Mars in Cancer and what they lack in spontaneity, they make up for in being dependable and reliable.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo likes to be stroked and adored. Like the troubedour of days gone by, this is a very romantic place for Mars during the courtship process. As a leader, and of course Mars in this placement will naturally rise to this position, not because they are willful, but because they are such characters that everyone follows them around. Mars in Leo suggests that the personality plays a large part in how they achieve their desires. This is a very idealistic placement so these individuals will expect loyalty and honesty from their mate. Passion is at the root of what drives their motivation. If they are excited about an idea, nothing will prevent them achieving what they want. As a fire sign, Mars in Leo will want the courtship process to last throughout the relationship because love is an art form, not a destination. A suprise flight to Paris is not out of the question, but it is not spontaneity they are after, just pure romance. Mars in Leo wants to have an impact on those they love and they want to be appreciated.

Mars in Virgo

If work can be described in terms of golfing, Mars in Virgo loves the precision that comes from being a perfectionist and analyzing all of the elements that lead to success. As another sign ruled by Hermes, Virgo is mentally efficient. Unlike Gemini the air sign, caught up in flights of fancy, Virgo is an earth sign. A conversation about spiritual mumbo jumbo might lack appeal specifically because it is intangible. Mars in Virgo has their feet firmly planted on the ground and they can be critical. Imagine going on a date and not only not having your car door opened and closed, but getting the furry eyebrow because you slammed the door with too much force. Cars are designed in a way that just a slight push can achieve the desired effect. Efficiency is attractive and intelligence is demonstrative. This placement might show a type of willfulness, but it is not power or leadership they are after. Mars in Virgo wants to be acknoweldged for being right. Since they are diligent and fussbuckets, chances are, they are right. In courtship, hygiene and tight abbs go along way in showing Mars in Virgo you are game. This placement can show a bit of comic relief because of the Hermes connection so Mars in Virgo may suprise you with a bit of unplanned zaniness. Yes, if you wind the box up and are patient, sometimes a clown pops out. It is important to remember that they are not intellectualizing the mating process because this is a very physical placement. To more carefree signs it can appear a bit like playing the game 'operation.' However, Mars in Virgo will know exactly what you want and how you want it and because of their precision, they area very sophisticated lovers.

Mars in Libra

They say Mars is in detriment in Libra because Libra likes harmony, always listening to all sides and understanding the unique needs of others, while Mars is all about the will. Libra is ruled by Venus, which isn't exactly the landscape where you would expect to find the war deity hanging out. But there is a definite magnetism and grace in this placement. What they do not achieve through demands, they are able to get through cooperation. In fact, Mars in Libra is the 'peaceful warrior.' Justice is important to the individual with this placement, so legal or police work might allow them to uphold the law without having to make their own laws or demands. A career as an interviewer which focuses on sharing perspectives will also suit this placement. In courtship, Mars in Libra would prefer that the mate make the decisions about dinner. The combination of Venus and Mars can describe a very balanced approach to love. This is another air sign placement, so Mars in Libra will be stimulated by conversation. Mars in Libra will not pass judgment on anyone for anything and are quite accepting. Possibly the only thing that will drive them away is discord. Mars in Libra does not do well in an environment of arguing.

Mars in Scorpio

Before Pluto was discovered, Scorpio was ruled by Mars. There is a defininte sexuality to Scorpio that makes Mars at home in this sign. Where Mars relates to the libido, Scorpio is associated with the 8th house of sex. When you mix sex with sex, get the picture. As a water sign, there is a definite emotionalism to this placement. Pluto has allowed us to understand Scorpio a bit more and there is alot of underground digging going on when you are courting Mars in Scorpio. They are fascinated with the motivation of others and true to their archetype, they are cool and collected until they are suddenly right in front of you, ready to shock you into your next underground adventure. Mars in Scorpio loves drama and intensity. A career that involves probing, exploring or understanding human motivation will appeal to them. They are motivated by truth seeking and won't appreciate deception, unless it is presented like a game where something you are hiding can be discovered. In terms of going after their desires, they are tenacious and can resort to underhanded tactics because winning is the rightside up version of losing and losing is well...just upside down. Its all about perspective. Mars can be possessive in Scorpio but what you lose in freedom you gain in pleasure. Mars in Scorpio is a master in the art of lovemaking.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius resembles what happened when people domesticated the horse. Suddenly the boundaries were non existent and in the same way, Mars in Sagittarius requires a lot of space to move around. As a fire sign, they are motivated by passion, but rather than a physical passion, it can be a passion for broad thinking and adventure. You don't have to ask Mars in Sagittarius what they are thinking because they will tell you without ever considering its impact. The truth is the truth so no need to sugar coat anything. To Mars in Sagittarius, the sugar coated truth tastes sour. While this placement can create outbursts, they are short lived and Sagittarius' association with Jupiter gives Mars a jovial and expansive nature. This placement can inspire courtship of a spontaneous nature. Just don't mistake passion for clinginess because this sign doesn't want to be corralled. And if you fall in love with a wild horse, you will discover that domestication can remove all the wildness that attracted you in the first place. This placement requires that the mate is self sufficient and not needy. You will need to give Mars in Sagittarius room to wander, knowing that they will come back because you built a place without fences. Work that involves higher education, philosophy, foreign travel and spontaneous adventure suits this placement.

Mars in Capricorn

As another earth sign, Mars in Capricorn provides a very grounded approach to going after one's desires. Capricorn's association with Saturn can make this placement rock solid, reliable and cool in any kind of crisis. They are extremely organized and methodical, and this placement would be perfect for the CEO of a corporation. The mechanics that make a business successful will be second nature to Mars in Capricorn. In romance, Mars in Capricorn might seem to be lacking in passion and spontaneity, but you couldn't ask for a better partner if you are seeking wealth or a solid foundation upon which to build a relationship. Mars in Capricorn appreciates routine and will be attracted to mates who are also reliable and retain their independence. They can be strong providers, they just don't appreciate being taken for granted. This is a very earthy placement for romance and Mars in Capricorn suggests an appreciation for all that is physical. Like the mountain goat archetype, Mars in Capricorn will set their sites upward and climb until they arrive.

Mars in Aquarius

True to the Aquarian unpredictability, Mars in this sign is alot like trying to understand how quantum physics works. Expectations are reduced to probabilities and when you do see them in action, its based on something really bizarre. There can be a shock factor involved where the perceiver has an effect on what is measured. They can be attracted to an individual just because they like the way they part their hair, or because of that fascinating mole on their neck. This is another air sign placement so Mars in Aquarius might enjoy phone conversations about what might happen without ever needing to be physically present for the experience. In fact Mars in Aquarius might be one to enjoy living in a commune, or enjoy separate houses, while continuing on in the relationship. Like Virgo, there is a scientific outlook to their approach to romance, but unlike Virgo, there is no earthiness to ground them. When courting Mars in Aquarius, expect the unexpected. In terms of what motivates them, Aquarius' association with the sideways spinning and freedom loving Uranus, along with the 11th house of groups can make their idea of partnership a bit foreign. Work that involves the sciences, computers or humanity is perfect for their inquisitive nature and dedication to the welfare of all. They pursue relationships with the same deductive reasoning used in pursuing anything else. While remaining aloof and non committed, they observe and test different outcomes until something seems plausible. Mars is like the charge, coaxed forward by an electro magnetic field, and Mars in Aquarius can just suddenly show up after being lost in endless space. Just do remember that the key to the attraction is space.

Mars in Pisces

What happens when you put fiery Mars under water with two fishes swimming in opposite directions with a cord tied to their tails? To Mars in Pisces, it makes the sound of one hand clapping. This is a highly spiritual placement for Mars, a planet generally associated with ego expression. The energy normally applied to willfulness seems to drive the expression of the creative and imaginative realm. Pisces is associated with the house least connected to the ego. It's planetary ruler, Neptune, is also unconcerned with ego, so what motivates Mars in Pisces will definitelly not be ego. This is a very creative placement and can also inspire musical genius. This can be the musician captivating the masses and using art as a way of attracting love. Mars in Pisces might enjoy working in a type of institution that serves those who are down and out on their luck. They want love, but are not exactly sure about how to manifest it other than to just follow their inner vision, paint, play their drum, chant, teach yoga and just see who shows up. The fish swimming in opposite directions with their tails tied together is actually the archetype that straddles the celestial equator, where one is in this world, while the other is closer to spirit. Mars in Pisces shows a type of duality where one pursues while feeling like a victim at the same time. Pisces and its connection to Neptune inspires a sense of sacrifice when applying the will. This individual will do best with a mate who does not need clear definition and boundaries. They will move more as if following a current, rather than swimming upstream or making demands. Like all water signs, there is alot of emotionalism and sensitivity in this placement.