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Sun Signs

An ancient astrology map with an astrolabe and owl

When we consider the energy of how the Sun plays out in an astrological chart, we can think of what the Sun as a deity represented for the ancients. As Yang, it is creative energy and as the Animus for a woman, it represents how father taught her to provide for herself, what she will project onto mates and eventually own as her ability to achieve.

The adoption of father's symbolized by the Sun for a man is a little more straight forward. The Sun can also relate to the life giving force that was worshipped in every culture as the initiator of life. Science too, supports this as the Sun sets off a chain reaction of abundance in the food chain. Plants use its energy in photosynthesis, animals eat the plants and without the Sun life couldn't exist.

The placement of the Sun will show influences of the father or how he ‘felt’ to the native even if his Sun sign of the father is different. Later, the Sun develops as our sense of identity, ego expression and what funds personality. I have added generalized Sun/father influences based on the characteristics of the Sun sign. However, the Tenth house along with aspects to the Sun need to be considered for further information about the father.

Since the Sun is such a powerful luminary it can describe one’s primary focus depending on the house position and describes the personality leaning based on the sign. Most people know their Sun sign but it is important to look at the Ascendant and Moon to get a more accurate picture of one’s behavior. Other personal planets such as Mercury and Venus also have an influence on expression and how one relates to others. The Sun by house and sign reveals much about the life path and possible challenges that will help shape the personality.

Sun in Aries (Ruled by Mars)

“The Gods are best served by those
who need their help the least.”
Jason and the Argonauts

Aries is the ‘I can’ sign that is here to explore the boundaries of what can be accomplished through initiative and pure will power. Perhaps the father was in the military and the Aries child had to adjust to new cultures or schools in a way that they reinvented themselves.

The father demonstrated a bootstrap approach where enthusiasm is all that is required for success. He may have had a temper or expected a lot out of the child. Ruled by Mars, Aries is often on a crusade to help the underdog and rises to any position of leadership because of their speed of acuity and their enthusiasm in accomplishing the impossible.

Many entrepreneurs are Aries and it would be difficult for Aries to take a subordinate position. They are the first to pioneer into new territories and are great beginners but are not as good at completing what they start. Aries loves any challenge that tests their bravery and competence.

Sun in Taurus (Ruled by Venus)

“My lord Gilgamesh Inanna has brought the bull of heaven down to earth.
The bull of heaven reared up. Inanna watched from tops of
the city walls as Gilgamesh taunted her bull.”
Epic of Gilgamesh

Taurus is the ‘I need’ sign that is here to explore and share all that the senses can offer. The father may have been a bit stubborn but was reliable and stable. He may have demonstrated a strong connection to nature or taught the child of the value of creating a secure foundation.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is drawn to creature comforts and loves to indulge in the aesthetic gifts of life. Like the bull, they are territorial and need a safe pasture to call home.

Developing a sense of self worth through what they possess, whether materially or personally is important. They can be stubborn and not easily swayed once they set their mind on something. Taurus is the connoisseur of life’s sensory pleasures and are extremely sensual with a deep connection to nature. Early in life they learn the value of saving and are often financial advisors.

Their Venus rulership often leads them to financial or aesthetic careers in food, beauty, music or anything that delights the senses.

Sun in Gemini (Ruled by airy Mercury)

“Within hours of birth, Hermes had made a lyre and
taught himself how to play. The same day baby Hermes
stole Apollo’s cows, disguising their movement
by placing branches on their hooves and
making them all walk backwards.”
 Apollo and Hermes

Gemini is the ‘I think’ sign that is here to explore communication and how the mind works. There may have been more than one father in the life of the native or the father appeared as the ephemeral child, never really growing up.

Gemini has a voracious appetite for knowledge and delight in knowing a little bit about everything. Nothing holds their attention for long though and as quickly as they take up a subject they abandon it when they find something more interesting that delights their curiosity.

Eternally childlike, their behavior presents a type of inquisitiveness that is insatiable. Charming and witty, they excel in animated conversations or winning debates. Never at a loss for words, they make excellent writers. Words are like food for Gemini and thoughts are what they make out of all the places they visit.

Like Mercury, they may as well have wings on their sandals because they never sit still for long. To others they may appear nervous, but they are merely waiting for a pause in the conversation so that they can share their thoughts and excitement. Conversation is like a banquet to Gemini.

Sun in Cancer (Ruled by the Moon)

“The Crab made himself known to his young wife, and told her
how he was the son of the greatest king in the world, and how he was
enchanted, so that he became a crab by day and was a man only at night; and he could also change himself into an eagle as often as he wished.”
The Golden Crab

Cancer is the ‘I’m home’ sign that is here to explore and share the value of nesting. Whether they are organizing their tools or kitchen cupboards, they love projects in the home that will lead to efficiency.

The father may have appeared moody or overly fussy. He either provided a comfortable home for the child or is the reason why the child is driven to create a safe haven for themselves. To Cancer, a night on the town is never as delightfully satisfying as cooking at home. They love to show off their nest to others and enjoy entertaining and cooking for others.

Cancers are great administrators and managers and intuitively know how to bring out the strengths of those they lead. They are security driven and want to control what is going on around them.

Since the Moon rules this sign, both men and women will behave like the nurturing mother, premeditating the needs of others and finding joy in ensuring that everyone is fed, comfortable and nurtured. They can be moody but also possess a refreshing sense of humor with a knack for putting others at ease.

Sun in Leo (Ruled by the Sun)

“There are two sisters,” the sphinx said. “One gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. Who are the two sisters?”
“Day and night” he answered.
Bested at last, the sphinx through herself from her high rock.
Riddle of the Sphinx

Leo is the ‘I am’ sign that is here to explore the power of personality and its effects on the world around them. The father may have been quite a character, ensuring that the home revolved around his antics.

There is a chivalrous quality to the father so he may have been a womanizer or had a wondering eye. Pride is taught to be very important and the child grows up enjoying being in the limelight.

Born performers, Leo can be melodramatic and seek only to be appreciated and stroked much like the feline that represents this sign. Extremely generous and protective, they can be relied upon to offer advice to anyone who needs a burst of inspiration. Many actors and performers are Leo and they have a natural inclination to bask in the limelight. Reputation is important to Leo and they love nothing more than to be acknowledged for having a strong sense of character.

Even while they may appear vain and ego driven, no other sign can be relied upon for support when the chips are down. They are protective and often act like a surrogate parent to others.

Sun in Virgo (Ruled by earthy Mercury)

“Psst” he called.
The Cyclops lowered his hammer. He turned towards Zeus, but his one big eye had been staring into the flames so long that he couldn’t see who was talking.
“I am not Psst” he Cyclops said “ I am Brontes”
Oh boy, Zeus thought. This may take a while.
 Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

Virgo is the ‘I must’ sign that is here to explore the idea of discipline, routine and hygiene, where they find great satisfaction in work. The father may have been overly critical or fussy, living in the mind more comfortably than in the emotional realm.

Like Gemini, they are ruled by quick and clever Mercury but where Gemini lives in the airy realm of ideas, Virgo is an earth sign and is drawn to the minutiae of everyday life. They can be hyper-analytical as if their senses are extremely refined.

Virgo is happiest when everything is in order and while they can appear cold or detached they derive great satisfaction doing things for others. Virgo has a clever sense of humor when they are in a situation where they feel comfortable.

Virgo is never far away from a sense of responsibility and duty and excels at tasks requiring detailed analysis or repetitive functions. Behind their overactive and critical mind is a caring soul who simply wants to please.

Sun in Libra (Ruled by airy Venus)

“Maat, goddess of truth and justice beats her wings
bringing chaos to order. All hearts are weighed in scales
against the weight of her feather to measure their purity.”
 Hall of Maat

Libra is the ‘we shall’ sign that is here to explore the power of relationships and what others teach us about ourselves. The father may have been graceful and diplomatic, or he may have shown qualities of overindulgence.

Ruled by Venus they are graced with an alluring beauty and a desire for pleasure seeking and good times with friends. Ever weighing concepts in their scales of balance, they are known to be indecisive and not completely sure of themselves. What is actually happening is that they clearly relate to all sides of any issue and the needs of others - so making decisions or being self-focused can be tough.

What they lack in discipline they more than make up for in charm. Libra loves to initiate conversations with lots of questions and make great interviewers. They are always interested in understanding the thoughts of others and seek harmony as a way of life.

Should they find themselves in a stressful environment they may soften their senses with alcohol or other substances. The pleasure seeking tendency of Venus should be channeled into real accomplishment and not instant gratification or escapism.

Libra does best in partnerships because they do not like being alone. They can be relied upon to champion the cause of the underdog or to smooth out difficulties among others with their diplomatic gifts.

Sun in Scorpio (Ruled by Pluto)

“Then Cupid, guided by his mother, opened
His quiver of all his thousand arrows
Selected one, the sharpest and the surest,
The arrow most obedient to the bow,
And bent the pliant horn against his knee
And shot the barbed shaft deep into Pluto’s heart.”
 Ovid, Metamorphoses

Scorpio is the ‘I will’ sign here to explore how the power of will tests the degree of commitment behind one’s motivation. The father may have been passive aggressive or manipulative in some way. There is an intensity adopted by the father that may have made it difficult to please him.

Since Scorpio relates to the deeper aspects of life including death, it is possible that the child had to experience loss of a loved one at an early age. Scorpios are born psychologists and vibrate to the deeper dimension of life, often working in careers that relate to life and death. There is a marked drive to investigate or dig below the surface of all that they encounter.

Scorpio feels the texture and vicissitudes of life and grows bored unless there is a lot of intensity happening around them. Profoundly self reliant, magnetic and powerful, Scorpio has much emotional energy always stirring below the surface.

Appearing aloof or disinterested, they actually do not miss anything going on in their environment. They are interested in deep intimacy and conversations that peel away the façade to reveal the truth. Faithful in partnerships, they may demonstrate jealousy or manipulation in their pursuit of control.

They make excellent analyzers and don’t require a lot of accolades in their work. Since this is a sign that is most interested in transformation, there can be a lot of drama in their love life, but once they settle into a committed partnership they are very loyal.

Sun in Sagittarius (Ruled by Jupiter)

“While the centaurs generally express the sensual and savage
features of a man combined with the strength and swiftness of a horse,
Chiron, who possesses the latter likewise, combines with it a mild wisdom.”
Chiron the Centaur

Sagittarius is the ‘I wonder’ sign here to explore life’s deeper philosophy and to disentangle the world of concepts from the barriers they create. The father appears as a generous and capable provider. His work may have kept him away from the home but there was always the sense that the child’s needs were met.

Ever searching for a pasture that allows the freedom to explore, commitment is not intrinsic to Sagittarius. What they lack in not unpacking their suitcase they more than make up for with enthusiasm and optimism. When they say they don’t want to be tied down they are not playing mind games...they simply don’t want to be tied down.

The fiery energy of Sagittarius is flavored by the expansive wisdom of Jupiter making this sign extremely tolerant and fond of exploring unknown cultures. They thrive in the outdoors or any environment that allows for the freedom to wonder.

Because they live beyond judgment they often say things others would consider to be crude as they boldly state the truth. Jupiter is the function focused on the future. Sagittarius is not safeguarding the past via emotional neediness. If they do establish an address it would be on Truth Street.

There is nothing more appealing to a Sagittarian than the natural world and adventure. Perhaps they are drawn to nature because nothing can hide from its drive to expand and flourish. In nature there are no white lies. Where Gemini thinks and discusses, Sagittarius is always looking beyond the obvious to see what opportunities are presented.

Most Sagittarians find great satisfaction in careers where they have to get up each day and reinvent themselves or where a paycheck comes from their sales efforts. They always seem to land on their feet and Jupiter seems to bring them a type of luck, protection and optimism.

Sun in Capricorn (Ruled by Saturn)

“Pan in his haste to escape Typhon, jumped into the Nile.
The part that remained above the water was a goat,
while the part of his body below the water, turned into a fish.”

Capricorn is the “I did” sign that is here to explore accomplishment and public standing. There can be two varying effects from the father on the Capricorn native. He coaxed the child’s drive for accomplishment either because he was driven and methodical or because he was cold and detached. He may have worked hard or was absent, so the lack of emotional support drives the child in pursuit of recognition.

Saturn is the taskmaster planet, always focused on the results not the effort. Aries may initiate, but Capricorn completes. Saturn drives us to establish a stable foundation out of pure initiative.

Capricorns are tenacious and ambitious and know that accomplishment is the result of hard work. They are practical and somewhat emotionally distant, and can be excellent providers. However, they don’t like feeling that others are not carrying their own weight. Discipline is the cornerstone of their success and their career usually includes promotions to executive leadership.

They can be self starters early in life and can be relied upon to get the job done rather than talk about it. Where Leo seeks recognition for accomplishment based on ego stroking, Capricorn seeks
accomplishment simply for the sake of knowing the job was completed. They really don’t need a lot of emotional or ego gratification. Security is important as is knowing that their character remains unblemished.

Sun in Aquarius (Ruled by Uranus)

"The aither is spinning, filling all the space and by spinning, it draws the particles of Earth into its center and unites with them, creating Form." Ἡσίοδος, Hesiod

Aquarius is the “I am unique’ sign here to track the boundaries of conformity and pull the rug out in a way that something new emerges in its place. The father may have had an unusual way of looking at life and while he was not known for emotional displays, his intelligence was unquestionable.

Whatever normal qualities fathers are expected to provide, the father would never have fit into a mould and may have provided an alternative lifestyle for the family. Ruled by Uranus, which is a planet focused on freedom from the known, Aquarius is drawn to science, technology or humanitarian work.

Aquarius enjoys being iconoclastic and finds satisfaction in demonstrating their intelligence or off-beat ideas. As an air sign, they are more comfortable in the realm of ideas rather than in the emotional realm. Aquarius understands intrinsically how the well being of the individual is tied to the well being of the whole.

Whether they are solving environmental issues or technical challenges, they know that obstacles are a springboard that can catapult thought toward innovation. They love to challenge the status quo and buck conformity and create an individually fashioned lifestyle.

Sun in Pisces (Ruled by Neptune)

“Neptune agreed to allow them safe passage across the waters, demanding,
however, that one of the crew perish on the voyage, as a sort of sacrifice for the others. On the voyage, Palinurus, the lead captain of Aeneas’s fleet, fell asleep at the helm and rolled into the sea.”
The Aenead

Pisces is the “I feel” sign that is here to validate all the ways we can experience existence beyond sensory faculties. The father may have been an artist or healer, somewhat nebulous or not available and the child develops a different way of detecting, understanding and expressing impulses and needs.

Pisces has an enormous inner emotional life and can pick up the feelings of others like a sponge. Since the Sun rules the ego and the Pisces ruler Neptune teaches us about transcending ego awareness, the native will have access to information intuitively and not logically. The personality can appear ungrounded to others and the native may have difficulty trying to be like others when they are naturally driven to relate from an instinctual sense. They are not like others.

Where others react to experience with emotional behavior, often Pisces will have sensations and feelings without the need to have a validating cause. This leads many natives into spiritual, creative or healing work.

Pisces is deeply compassionate and perhaps because of their sense of not fitting in, they connect with other’s suffering and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. They appear to live in their own nebulous world and are guided by a distant drummer that they must honor if they are to express the fullest capabilities of their Sun sign. While they relate deeply to others, they might fortify their gifts and strengths and establish boundaries.


Sun in the First House

The placement of the Sun in the First House brings about life lessons that have much to do with defining yourself, rebirthing your identity over time and teaching other’s about the direction that comes from within. Because empowerment is the core lesson of the First House, this may be an area of great challenges for you.

Dreams about clothing relate well to this house because the symbolism of how we adorn the body is a message about persona. We transform over time but who were we as a child and what part of us remains unchanging over time? Conformity is a powerful magnet and we are ever forced to buck its magnetic pull in search of the soulful DNA within us that helps us manifest into the unique creature nature intended us to become. Even among family members, you will be a unique variation of the line you carry forward.

This can be a loner placement for the Sun because you made a contract to follow your own drummer. Because much emphasis will be on the costume you wear and the way people view your role in life, you may be extra sensitive to this and continuously overthrow any identification with the public image that was forced upon you.

Because the Sun is such a power house of energy and the First House also represents the
boundaries of power, you will need to do your own thing and rise to the position of leadership that this placement seeks. The lifepath can have many lessons that involve the examination of sacrifices that will unleash the self identity, abandoning careers, exploring dependency, conformity, responsibility and ultimately rising bravely to shine your inner light with the passion to achieve that comes purely from inner vision.

This placement promises a self absorbed path where the challenges you face from others will actually help you further define your uniqueness. Sometimes we only learn what is important and worth protecting when we are forced to defend it. When in doubt, follow your own drummer.

Sun in the Second House

The placement of the Sun in the Second House emphasizes life lessons where worthiness and security become core themes. Since material concerns are in high focus with this placement, many lessons will unfold that allow you to explore your self esteem through achievement and what you possess.

You may vacillate between periods of achieving comfort and security only to suddenly find yourself worrying about where the next paycheck will come from. As long as you identify your personal value with your possessions, life will seem to use those accoutrements to teach you about trust.

Dreams about purses and wallets suggest that our core worth is wrapped up in what we carry and hold to be valuable. When we undergo an identity crisis or make changes in career it is usually because we have found ourselves on a path of comfort while some part of our inner being has begun to shrivel away.

The emphasis of Venus on this house wants more than self gratifying behavior. In reality the more we make, the more we spend, and if we feel financially insecure or question our ability to provide for ourselves, no amount of money is going to change that.

During autumn nature shows us that growth often comes from what is stripped away. You may need to be willing to demonstrate profound trust that everything will work out even while your bank account says otherwise. Why? Because your worthiness may need to come from giving of yourself not hoarding from a state of fear.

Life can take on a deeper dimension when you get off the hamster wheel and focus on developing a deeper value exchange with your experiences. While much emphasis can be put upon building a financial fortress to ward off any rainy days, it is the rain that keeps our inner garden growing. When in doubt, learn to let go and trust.

Sun in the Third House

The placement of the Sun in the Third House portrays life lessons focused on the power of the intellect and the way ideas are shaped and shared as we interact with others. You use your curiosity surfboard to ride the wave of wonder and awe only to grow bored when the wave settles into the mundane tapestry of what you have already experienced. In a sense you are an information junkie and love nothing more than sharing your ideas with others. Any debate is met with enthusiasm and pride because you are the master of this area. The measure of your intelligence and command of vocabulary is what gives definition to your self- identity.

Early life challenges can revolve around notable differences you observe in your siblings. As you attend school, the same mixture of insecurity and excitement will follow you throughout life. Where others found conjunctions and prepositions to be something quickly mastered and dismissed, you saw a cosmic rocket ship where letters and words are the essential ingredient that binds life together. To you, we are what we think.

Your inquisitiveness and curiosity need to be re-kindled like fuel if you are to find joy and satisfaction on your journey. Challenges can revolve around being misunderstood, not being able to communicate or having your intellect challenged. You may make a career out of expressing yourself or disseminating information.

No matter the environment, you always find common ground to explore even when chit chatting with strangers. When in doubt, remember that sharing ideas connects you to others and words should never be used as a sword.

Sun in the Fourth House

The placement of the Sun in the Fourth House shows life lessons focused on the way the domestic environment we create for ourselves allows for greater emotional stability. The comfort or discomfort of early life will figure prominently in your search for the perfect paradise to call home.

The Nadir is the point in the chart opposite the Midheaven or career house and begins the delineation of the Fourth House. The Nadir can be viewed as our internal homebase or that place we retreat to when unconcerned with what is going on in the world around us. Whether you are protecting family traditions, housing ordinances or environmental resources, you have a strong desire to ensure that domestic harmony and appreciation is cultivated.

Sun in the Fourth House shows someone who understands completely why every human being desires to have a place to call home. You derive your personal worth from continuously building your domestic paradise and sharing it with those in need of comfort.

Challenges will revolve around issues with the mother, relocation or periods when you are uprooted or abandoned and are forced to find the homebase within. A home was never meant to be a fortress to protect emotional insecurity and life will always knock on the door to get you to come outside and play.

Always remember the Crab or turtle who carry their home on the back. When in doubt, remember that home is where the heart is and emotional security cannot develop without opening fearlessly to intimacy.

Sun in the Fifth House

The placement of the Sun in the Fifth House ensures life lessons focused on life’s creative drive to demonstrate its uniqueness. Your personality is able to ignite the imagination of the universe where its offspring can be something as simple as laughter.

Issues related to creation and procreation will figure prominently. You may have to learn first-hand how to challenge embarrassment or disappointment so that you can become the light of optimism and exuberance for others. This is the natural placement of the Sun and finding the freeway exit to appreciation and stroking is clearly marked for you.

Perhaps you were a born performer or were the first child on your block to jump over the fire hydrant on your bike. Admiration and respect can be a drug that keeps you coming back for more.

Challenges will revolve around self-respect and the development of character. You learn early that no matter what life throws at you, integrity can remain unblemished. Once you realize that obstacles are opportunities for innovation, the lights ahead become green again. In fact red lights and stop signs are places where you simply recharge your batteries.

You may want to make a name for yourself and personal integrity is at the foundation of the mark you will leave on the world. You have the ‘get out of jail free’ card when other people start preaching about how the spiritual aspect of life means that we must reject the ego. When in doubt remember that the ego is just a tiny island in the universe, but without it we’d miss the show.

Sun in the Sixth House

The placement of the Sun in the Sixth House ensures that issues related to hygiene, health, work and discipline will figure prominently as your life lessons. When everyone in high school had to run the 12 minute mile you were probably the only one who actually felt better after doing so. Perhaps you developed a regimen of running as a way of sharpening your focus.

Routine may actually be emotionally comforting to you because you are here to demonstrate to others an appreciation for the physical being we call the body. What can the body teach us philosophically about existence? It sweats when we are hot and shivers when we are cold even without any effort on our part. Of course we have to take care of it to maximize its efficiency.

Life only meets us halfway and the other part of the journey requires that we show up to do the work. In fact it is that unknown part of the journey that can feel like drudgery until we discover how it allows us to unleash what we are capable of. It is not so much achievement that you are after but completion, with no loose ends dangling anywhere to trip you up later.

Your relationship to discipline can be life’s way of asking if you are up for the challenge. If we set a goal we either deliver a result or wallow in excuses. The outcome will be determined by our level of commitment to the work. The Sixth House also asks us to explore the subtle way dis-ease can appear as a physical condition only because it masks emotional uneasiness.

Efficiency is how you unblock the energy flow, whether through strong management skills, diet or exercise. All of these things make us feel better and when we feel better we do better. You are born with the philosophy of a farmer who gets to enjoy the harvest as a mutual sharing of effort with the universe. There are no free rides in life and you are okay knowing that. When in doubt, remember that we are what we eat and success is often one part inspiration and two parts perspiration.

Sun in the Seventh House

The placement of the Sun in the Seventh house portrays life lessons that involve partnerships and your relationship to others. The universe doesn’t hand you the perfect partnership on a platter and you may need to understand the concept of win/win relationships before you are able to make a partnership work. You may marry early in life because this house is emphasized and you’d rather do something in tandem than alone.

Somewhere under the surface of domestic bliss there may always be the question of whether you settled. Of course you can make any relationship work but in order for all parties to thrive, each needs to remain an independent entity. Opposites always attract in the universe because it is differences that spark nature’s combustible drive toward innovation. But you get all of this and probably assumed the role of arbitrator among your friends as a child.

You honor and celebrate the genius of the individual and ensure that everyone is given a voice in any discussion. In fact you may settle into a career of serving the public as a counselor, advisor or lawyer. You align personality in equal balance with the world around you and have a desire to share the ideas of social exchange like a big soup.

You know that life becomes more flavorful because you aren’t afraid to spice up the conversation with the truth, which has many sides and is always changing. You are deeply affected by the opinions of others and as long as you remember to remain true to who you are, there is no harm in trying some of those opinions on.

In dreams of the Shadow and in life when meeting an adversary, we often encounter our unacknowledged inner life through conflict. Challenges can revolve around blaming others for your condition. When in doubt, remember that those who push our buttons the most are often our teachers.

Sun in the Eighth House

The placement of the Sun in the Eighth House promises life lessons of intense intimacy and sharing resources with others with a focus on unearthing and exploring the deeper aspects of power. Where the Second House focuses on individual values and resources, the Eighth House has a lesson about exploring and honoring the core values of others. It can lead you to manage the large holdings of public companies or the investigative drive of this house can lead to a career where you dig below the surface in some way.

Challenges can revolve around dependency and manipulation. We are generally given power because we have demonstrated that we will not abuse it. When power is used to serve fear and insecurity it will blow up like a ticking time bomb.

This house sometimes brings life and death wisdom at an early age which makes an individual wise beyond their years. One desires deeper intimacy and a more authentic connection than what is found in superficial discussions. The more shocking the interchange, the better because the good stuff only emerges once we discard our marching uniforms.

You probably learned about the rawness of being that exists beneath the ego’s façade and would make a good psychologist or career counselor. Whatever the reason you may have spent time in the ‘underworld’ and resurfaced with an uncanny awareness of what motivates all of those pedestrians walking on concrete above.

Life will challenge you to see what you will do with this gift of insight. You like to dig below the surface and find connections that are normally missed because everyone is in such a hurry. You identify with depth and power and don’t shy away from intimacy. You work hard and don’t need any accolades, settling into intimate relationships easily. When in doubt, remember that when we overcome others we have power, but when we overcome ourselves we are strong.

Sun in the Ninth House

The placement of the Sun in the Ninth house brings about life lessons that relate to higher education, going beyond the boundaries of the mundane world and developing a philosophy that transcends the boundaries of childhood, cultural differences and dogma.

The Ninth house can be viewed as the place where our mind goes when not being focused on immediate tasks. It is the house of wonder and how we assemble the many parts of experience into a cohesive whole. Jupiter’s desire to expand and reach compassionately into the unknown brings about emphasis on exploring the meaning behind mundane events.

This placement can bring a heavy focus on seeking a higher education and can lead one to become a lifelong student. The Ninth house also relates to foreign places so perhaps you had access to different cultural or religious influences as a child. It may have been the dogma of childhood that propels you to seek deeper meaning in life that transcends family conditioning.

An emphasis on this house can make one travel abroad as a way of re-igniting inspiration. The personality aligns with a philosophical outlook and the boundary pushing of Jupiter ensures that the meaning of life remains just far enough ahead that experience can always remain in a state of wonder. This endows you with optimism and faith and others appreciate the intellectual ideas you share to rekindle their faith too.

Challenges can revolve around not having access to a college education or feeling in some way that life has no profound meaning. Perhaps you feel unsettled because of the energy within that is ever pushing you toward new horizons. You are the embodiment of Jupiter’s benevolence and demonstrate tolerance toward the things you don’t understand. When in doubt, remember that life remains a mystery because it is the unknown that generates wonder and from wonder life renews itself perpetually.

Sun in the Tenth House

The placement of the Sun in the Tenth House brings about life lessons that revolve around the father, the career and how you are viewed by the public. This is the most elevated position of the Sun and so personality defines itself in the ambitious pursuit of success. At an early age you may have already known what you wanted to become.

At the least, you had a sense that accomplishment comes from dedicated effort and gaining practical experience. Later in life you find that you have everything you need to succeed because you didn’t cut any corners in your pursuit of success.

Challenges can revolve around the relationship you had with the father. He either had a strong influence on how you apply yourself toward success, or was unavailable in some way that drives you to seek the recognition that was denied from his absence. Where others may settle into the comfort of the status quo, you may have always felt that you are here to do something really important.

The Sun at this apex point can be viewed as an omen that true north for you will be intrinsically tied to what you accomplish. And this drive doesn’t necessarily have a destination or sense of arrival because it is part of your motivational nature within. It is not uncommon to receive accolades or fame with the Sun in this house. It may just be those accolades that drive your efforts each day. The public image is important and you want to ensure that your reputation remains unblemished.

Your identity can undergo transformation periodically since this house is emphasized. You may not seek notoriety and may have difficulty with the idea that others expect so much from you. This is a powerful placement for the Sun where you can also shine as a public personality or teacher. When in doubt, remember that our parents are also children and the greatest satisfaction we can achieve in life is to live each day knowing we are born again each day.

Sun in the Eleventh House

The placement of the Sun in the Eleventh House brings about life lessons that will pit your own individual goals and creative drive against an intrinsic need to embrace the efforts of the group. Perhaps your mission in life is to change it in some profound way through your own creative ideas. The needs of the collective and social ideals will never be far from your consciousness and this may present a challenge for you as you explore both the idea of ego needs and also how to subordinate the will and merge into the collective.

Friends are an important part of your life but these friendships can border on the usual. You may gather an eclectic group because you don’t classify people from the normal standards. In fact, you appreciate learning about yourself through your interactions with others.

Often the Sun in the 11th House will find a career in social or environmental reform because you see clearly how the health of the individual relates to the well being of the whole. Performing as a musician in a band also fits nicely with the way the individual creative drive is enmeshed within the group.

There can be pronounced technological savvy with this placement because of the influence of Uranus and your spatial or ability to conceptualize the intangible is quite pronounced. Challenges come when you feel lonely. Perhaps you don’t realize that the intimacy others are feeding on wouldn’t support your rebellious drive and need to be free to reach and connect with as many people as possible.

Friendships can be quite intense and electric but may end just as quickly as they began. Your goals are important to you but until you are able to understand the deeper challenge required of you may have difficulty achieving them. It may be difficult to find others to support your radical or ever evolving consciousness. When in doubt, remember that you can only serve others if you serve yourself first. You can only love if you love yourself so before embarking on your noble path be sure that you have established a strong sense of personal identity.

Sun in the Twelfth House

The placement of the Sun in the Twelfth House is somewhat of a dichotomy. The Sun defines the ego and personality and the Twelfth House dissolves it. This is an excellent placement for spiritual pursuits, creativity, healing or serving humanity in a deeply compassionate way. For you, ego is apparently not something to be propped up on a pedestal.

Early in life you probably felt different from others as the pursuit of acceptance was denied or over identifying with others may have led you to become lost. You may have had to learn the hard way that only you know what it means to become fearlessly yourself. Unfortunately there was no manual available for you and as you found yourself in the nebulous realm of being ego-less or un-fathered, you had to develop your own true north.

In later life you become the master of the many things that others are seeking, like how to transform difficulty, how to keep faith or how to live a life of sustainable creativity and joy.

Satisfaction comes from knowing that what you think you need from others is really your gift to give. You want love in a certain way? Love others like that. You want to be treated in a special way? Treat others like that. You intrinsically know that the manual for living is found within. Once you get ego out of the way, life flows more smoothly where fulfillment comes from selfless service.

Whatever challenges you faced are the cornerstone of why you give so much to others. This house brings up issues of escapism, self denial or guilt. Everyone around you senses your brilliant spirit but you may have had to overcome a sense of shame. This is your misunderstanding because those feelings were the soup for your unique and soulful journey.

Never doubt that you are special. When in doubt, remember that feeling alone or needy means that you have your compass facing in the wrong direction. Sometimes the darkness ‘out there’ is the only way to find the light ‘in here.’ Shine your light for others ~ it is truly brilliant.