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Venus Signs

Aphrodite coming out of the sea

Perhaps no other planet has as many myths written about it as Venus. She was called Lucifer in ancient Hebrew texts and an imposter of the sun because it rose and set before the Sun as the morning and evening Star. In Sumeria, Venus was associated with Inanna and Venus was the feathered serpent, Kulkukan to the Maya because the planet would fly overhead and disappear below the earth for long periods of time.

As an Archetype, Venus is associated with fertility (Astarte) pleasure seeking, the pursuit of harmony (ruler of Libra) and domestication and fertility (ruler of Taurus.) The goddess of love and beauty portrays the side of us that desires to be like-able and is at play when socializing with others.

Where Mercury is related to the functioning of the left brain, encompassing communication, logic and the way the mind works, Venus can be related to the right brain and shows how we relate to others, whether socially or amorously. Venus can show our capacity for creativity and how we behave socially.

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries is very direct in going after the object of one's desires. There is an adventurous spirit associated with this placement and the native enjoys challenges and may even like a bit of sparring in romantic pursuits. Venus in Aries is not afraid to lay the cards on the table and can look at relationships as conquests. There will need to be plenty of excitement and freedom in any relationship. Artistic endeavors will push the envelope and perhaps challenge perceptions. This is an innovative placement for Venus.

Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus will be very sensual and earthy, taking time to move toward the object of one's affection. Romantic dinners and exploring art or operas delight the senses as the perfect aphrodisiac. Should the prospective partner help in some fundamental way around the house, all the better. Venus in Taurus would be interested in arts that involve the hands, even through healing. Painters, potters, sculptures or Reiki healers may have this placement.

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini loves to use the mind in some way while on romantic pursuit. Potential mates should enjoy inquisitiveness and mental foreplay in order to arouse the native. In some cases, the native would spend hours on the phone in erotic discussions prior to acting out their desires. This is a highly mental placement and the native would do well in any type of art that involves logic, technology and rote. Music production using computers or arts that involve technology in some way would be perfect for this placement. Mercury rules Gemini so often this placement can lead to writing and communication.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer loves to explore romance while cocooning. They are excellent cooks and enjoy providing the perfect nest for lovemaking. Candles, massages, bath oils, they miss nothing when it comes to arousing the sensuality of their mate. Their attachment instinct is strong and they have difficulty moving on in relationships but they are committed and excellent providers. Venus in Cancer would do well in any type of art that involves mothering, healing or which provides a soothing experience. Being ruled by the Moon, they are the ephemeral mother in expressing their craft.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo loves to be admired, stroked and recognized for their accomplishments. In relating to others, they hold integrity to be very important and can make excellent friends. As a Fire sign, they love the chase and can grow bored if romance becomes too predictable. Once in love however, they are faithful and committed. Any type of artistic expression that involves the personality would be good for this placement. Acting, performing and dancing are all good outlets for this placement.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo can be somewhat fussy or critical in romance. They have more of a practical approach and would enjoy simple pleasures like ball games and hikes as a date. They make excellent friends because they are very concerned with being there for others. Their earthy nature is ruled by Mercury so they do enjoy mental stimulation. This is fine unless it gets in the way of actual intimacy. Venus in Virgo would be attracted to arts that involve the earth in some way. Landscaper, nature sculptor or even being the manager or organizer for another artist would appeal to them.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra may have a hard time settling into a relationship because they have a magnetism that seems to attract many potential mates. This is the natural placement for Venus and the native can be highly graceful and beautiful. A bit indecisive, they also can find themselves in relationships where they become dependent. The native desires harmony and pleasure above all else and would not do well in a stressful situation. Relating to others is their strong point and their curiosity can seem superficial but they are great listeners and hear everything. They may be attracted to social and communicative type arts. Talk show celebrities often have this placement as Venus in Libra loves to ask questions and are highly inquisitive.

Venus in Scorpio

This is an intense placement for Venus and the native can have a probing type of mind that can make romance more like a conversation with a psychologist. They want to know what makes their partner tick and are attracted to the drama of romance. There can be a subterranean style victim/savior relationship in romance. In the arts, this placement makes one attracted to the very profound mediums, death and resurrection or art that is transformative in some way. There is nothing subtle about this placement and the native will truly be following their own drummer.

Venus in Sagittarius

There is a great need for freedom with this placement. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so pleasure seeking may need to be checked. They are stimulated by sports and the outdoors or philosophical discussions late in the night. They will not be interested in superficial discussion, nor will they want anyone to become dependent on them. This placement leads the native to pursue philosophical, religious or recreational arts. Leading groups into the wilderness to study nature would be their style of sharing creative ideas. They can be teachers, gurus or achieve notoriety in sports.

Venus in Capricorn

Very practical, yet witty, Venus in Capricorn is a hard working individual who may not be as available for romance as other signs. Their style of relating can also lack emotional depth but when they do fall in love, they are committed. Saturn's rulership of Capricorn can make them a little bit of a wet blanket or they may be too shy or reserved to open themselves to intimacy. It will take patience to win the trust of this sign but the wait is worthwhile. In fact, their aloofness can sometimes be very magnetic drawing others to them because of their minimalist style. Creativity that involve business and science would appeal to them. Architects and builders may have this placement. A creative outlet that involves careful planning and a systematic approach would be perfect.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius will be a hard sign to figure out. They are an air sign which is going to make them somewhat analytical or intellectual in their approach to romance. They may spend more time in the head than in the heart and will love shocking any perspective partner. Venus in Aquarius will be unusual in some way because Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is a planet that spins sideways. This placement can make one intellectualize their feelings or seek partners who are also intelligent. Prepare yourself for long discussions as an aphrodisiac if you are pursuing them. Art that involves pulling the rug out from under people in some way is going to appeal to them. Their style of dress is also going to be unusual. Since Aquarius is associated with large groups, they may develop art that is socially provocative or seeks to better the plight of humanity in some way.

Venus in Pisces

This is a nebulous placement for Venus as Pisces can make one highly idealistic, seeking the perfect soul mate union only to experience disappointment when the real person is revealed in the partner. They are dreamy and inclined to fantasy, since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion. However, Neptune is also associated with the fine arts so this placement is ideal for ballet and orchestra. This placement can also make the native somewhat of a psychic sponge, with the ability to have connections with others that need no words. Venus in Pisces may use the arts in some way to heal others, whether in hospitals or prisons. There is a spiritual quality to this placement so they art can also have a religious message. Once Venus in Pisces comes to realize that love is a connection between people and not something other worldly, they can find satisfaction in relationships.