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Dreams and Your Moon Sign

Moon in a night sky with stars

If you have listened to my podcasts about dreams, you have heard me say that we dream about what we are not facing during the day. When dreaming, we work through the conflict we unwittingly create by not acknowledging our deeper needs.

In many ways, we are exploring a side of us that is opposite to who we think we are. For this reason, dreaming is more closely aligned to our Moon sign in Astrology. This is because our Moon sign portrays what security looks and feels like for us. The Moon also represents the subconscious and habitual or ingrained behavior.

We easily express our Sun sign. Its energy is out in the open during the day. Oftentimes, the Sun and Ascendant can be in Astrological signs that do not support the security suggested by the Moon placement. For example, a Gemini Sun and Aries Ascendant might cater to a vagabond or adventurous lifestyle that is not in rapport with a foundation-seeking Cancer Moon.

I have written about the Moon in the Houses and Signs in the Astrology section. In this blog, I want to focus on the type of dreams suggested by the Moon sign placement. Along the way, we will learn more about dream symbols and what they reveal.

Most people know their Sun sign and relate to the energy it describes. Learning about one’s Moon sign can be a real eye-opener in achieving a sense of peace and ease.

In the example above, the Gemini/Aries individual would benefit by incorporating the grounded orientation suggested by the Cancer Moon. For example, a vagabond lifestyle might be exciting, but can leave one feeling unfulfilled. Incorporating even just a small routine, like morning yoga while on the road, can feed the security needs of the Moon sign.

Below are the types of dreams suggested by one’s Moon sign. Additionally, I have included the interpretation of the symbols that can be used in dream interpretation.

Moon in Aries | Chase Dreams

Moon in Aries finds security from the value they place on accomplishment. They are optimistic and energetic, and believe that when they set their sights on something nothing can stop them from obtaining it. This drive for accomplishment can be never ending.

A lifestyle of achievements often requires new approaches, which keeps the sense of Self in constant flux. Dreams about Attack and Being Chased, generally involve a sense that we are being chased by unsavory characters. This type of dream shows how the psyche evolves as new identities emerge.

This is a common dream for the 20 something crowd. One has grown up in the safety of the family with a pretty clear understanding of who they are, and what is acceptable and what is taboo. As they enter the workforce, they can be forced to adopt new behaviors before they have a chance to understand and integrate the new identity.

Everything and everyone in a dream is portraying some aspect of us. The characters that chase us represent the new and non-integrated identity coming up against the known – or how we are a type of witness in dreams. If a job required a type of assertiveness that left us feeling uncomfortable, the character who appears unsavory and chases us is embodied by this emerging identity.

The healing journey suggested by Moon in Aries dreams involve learning to relax and enjoy their achievements, prior to going after another.

Moon in Taurus | Landscape and Scenery

Moon in Taurus seeks comfort in aesthetics, and finds security in a green pasture that offers pride and a sense of ownership. They are not easily swayed by the prodding of others and are very security driven.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which can make them highly romantic, although stubbornness might keep them rooted to their comfort zone. Moon in Taurus will work hard to obtain a lifestyle of comfort and financial security.

Dreams, for a Taurus Moon, can be related to the Survivor archetype. Outwardly successful, they can have deep fears about a loss of security. The landscape and scenery are a reflection of our inner world.

We can dream of being in a desert when we are experiencing a sense of inner famine. Since Taurus is drawn to the tangible lushness of earthy pleasures, it might be that their stubbornness and drive for security has left them disconnected from life’s simple pleasures.

When we dream of being in a snowy landscape, this can portray being aloof or detached. Childhood homes with unknown rooms can portray returning to the past to explore undiscovered potentials.

The healing journey for Moon in Taurus will involve releasing their need to relate out of a sense of control. Relationships can be more fulfilling when we are open to seeing life from another’s point of view.

Moon in Gemini | Architecture

For Moon in Gemini, an emotional response that keeps all doors open can lead to a knack for slipping ‘out the back jack.’ Inquisitive, sociable and able to detach to move in several directions at once, this is a Moon sign that has a tendency to intellectualize emotions rather than feel them.

Since this placement grows bored easily, their search for security can be quite happily traded for a vagabond lifestyle. They can dream of metallic architecture that resembles a maze, or other buildings that appear half-built.

The architecture or buildings in dreams portray one’s paradigm. Houses and rooms suggest the many facets of the psyche as we explore our potential. Hotels embody transitions as we explore making changes. The design of the structure, walls, windows and ceiling represent how we are interacting with the opportunities we meet in the outer world.

Walls are limitations, while windows allow us to expand our view. Ceilings represent how we feel about our opportunities and standing on the roof can portray a breakthrough.

For Gemini, intimacy or the sharing of one’s feelings may not come easily. They can laugh away disappointment without considering how it really made them feel. Metal structures can portray their cold detachment and how their defenses are not easily penetrated.

The healing journey suggested by the dreams of a Gemini Moon involves learning to overcome the intellectualization of feelings. Dreaming of structures that make us feel trapped, suggests the way hiding can lead to a lack of deeper fulfillment.

Moon in Cancer | Being Late

Moon in Cancer describes an emotional response that is extremely sensitive. Their search for security can look allot like skedaddling for cover. Since Cancer rules the 4th house, this placement can make one a great nurturer in a motherly way. With a tendency toward moodiness, their search for security comes from knowing that they are valued in the lives of others.

Dreams of returning to school and being late for a test, or missing a flight suggest expectations being out of sync with reality. Where returning to school coincides with a message about learning something new – the lack of meeting the required expectations can relate to a heavy sense of judgment.

Cancer Moon can be a brooder and hold grudges that only shackle them to a past that is no longer important. We often feel judged because we are judging others. Our sense of compassion can only be applied to others when we have learned to laugh at our attempts to be perfect.

Being late in a dream is an opportunity to see how we are not going with the flow and moving easily through life’s challenges. Moon in Cancer can put allot of unnecessary pressure on themselves.

Catching a flight portray aspirations, but if we miss it, the dream will give us clues as to what has bogged us down. This is where our suitcase or ‘baggage’ can be the problem. As the zodiac's number one collector of memorabilia, Cancer can accumulate baggage.

The healing journey described by the dreams of Moon in Cancer involves letting go of judgments and baggage that diminish one’s quality of life.

Moon in Leo | Purses and Wallets

Leo Moon demonstrates an emotional response that thrives on attention and the affectionate stroking of others. There is a great sense of pride active in this Moon sign and the public image is very important. Their search for security will be tied to their ability to express their passion, and to be recognized for their resilience.

Leo is a sign which is strongly connected to a sense of identity. Because our purses and wallets hold our ID cards and other important and personal items, dreaming of these items often coincides with a change in identity.

Obtaining or losing a job, getting married or divorced, and other events that challenge our sense of Self will usually lead to dreams focused on these items. Leo Moon can have a fragile ego, and how they appear to others is very important.

The healing journey described by the dreams of Moon in Leo suggests developing a skin tough enough to recognize we are more than what others will ever see. Often their dreams can be comical as the Trickster archetype active in dreams seems to poke fun at our sense of certainty.

Moon in Virgo | Police

Moon in Virgo accomplishes tasks in an organized way to find a sense of peace and security. Ruled by Mercury, this planet bestows a lively intellect and humor when they feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Their search for security and relaxation involves organizational activities and even cleaning! Meticulous and sometimes critical, Virgo is notorious for missing the big picture because they can get lost in the minutia.

Police in dreams embody critical conscience. Like the superego or aspect of the psyche that learned to stay within the lines, some of the ideas adopted in childhood may not be applicable to the present. Joseph Campbell called this "thou shalt."

As we discard old ‘taboos’ and expand our perspective, often the police will show up in dreams representing critical conscience or superego and its need to push us back into the status quo. A critical and fault finding psyche can become inhibited by nonsensical and self-inhibiting rules.

All breakthrough dreams seem to be followed by a type of ego or superego retaliation. Dreaming of police is just another example of how ego would trap us in its comfort zone of the known.

The healing journey for Moon in Virgo involves lightening up and releasing any perfection seeking tendencies. Life is often messy and chaotic as it transitions into something new. Order, chaos and order again are how life unfolds.

Moon in Virgo blends a sense of ingenuity with unexpected humor. Yet, their ingenuity will achieve more when they learn to be more open to change.

Moon in Libra | Projection

Libra is a sign that rules the Descendant or 7th house of other people. Opposite to the Ascendant, the Descendant can offer insight into our projection tendencies. Projection is how we can misinterpret what is inside and project it as if it is coming from outside. Through our interactions with others, we sometimes judge and project hidden aspects of ourselves.

The indecisiveness of Libra is the result of their tendency to see all sides in any interaction. They weigh all views, with little consideration for their own point of view. While this is an excellent quality for a judge or arbitrator, it doesn’t serve the personal journey, especially with Moon in Libra.

Social situations provide the environment where Moon in Libra finds relaxation through discourse with others. As long as the atmosphere remains harmonious, they feel comfortable and secure.

However, life uses discord as a way of bringing opposites together so both are transformed. Constant harmony is unrealistic. The very confrontation Moon in Libra would avoid – is often the path to wholeness and self-actualization.

Dreams of Libra Moon can involve messages about learning to establish a strong core so that they are not so easily thrown off by the environment. All people that appear in our dreams are representing qualities we are examining, whether to adopt or discard. We need only think of the adjective we would use to describe the person to recognize the aspect being considered.

Dreams help us understand how others appear on our path to provide an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. We learn from each other – but this learning involves an unmasking of our potential. We don’t learn to be like others – we learn to be fearlessly ourselves.

Projection is clearly at the foundation of our dream life. Everything and everyone represent us. If we can show up in each interaction owning the idea that we carry our beliefs and baggage into each interaction, we will see that conflict is a misunderstanding we are having with ourselves.

The healing journey for Moon in Libra involves establishing a stronger inner foundation to develop one’s ability to remain centered in challenging situations.

Moon in Scorpio | Death and Marriage

Moon in Scorpio is drawn to emotional intensity that can be both disturbing and intriguing. Scorpio operates in a subterranean way, so this Moon placement can lean toward a passive aggressive approach.

Their search for security involves non-conformity and the type of freedom that allows them to explore their power, both when they are exerting it, and when another exerts power over them. Transformation and power games are second nature to Scorpio.

In dreams, death can represent eliminating outworn aspects of ourselves. These dreams are often followed by dreaming of caring for an ‘unknown child.’ This child represents a new and emerging sense of Self as we move toward rebirth.

Moon in Scorpio is drawn to the darker, underbelly of life. It is not that they stalk crisis, but they certainly don’t run from it. Since we dream of what we are not facing, Moon in Scorpio can have dreams that revolve around the integration of various aspects of the psyche.

All of us have male and female qualities, and a balanced psyche includes a healthy dose of both. As Anima and Animus, the feeling aspect of the male psyche is portrayed by women in men’s dreams. The ability to provide for oneself is embodied by the men that appear in women’s dreams.

A man dreaming of a crazy woman can suggest how opening to their feelings seems ‘crazy.’ A woman dreaming of a male stalker can portray how she is not allowing her assertiveness to come inside or become integrated.

Because Moon in Scorpio can be go to extremes, balance can be the subject explored in their dreams. Dreaming of a marriage can show the healthy integration of male and female qualities. Marriage doesn’t have to involve a man and a woman – but going to any type of wedding shows a move toward balance and integration.

The healing journey suggested by the dreams of Moon in Scorpio involve equilibrium. Deep transformation, the hallmark of this placement, can often lead to a lack of balance.

Moon in Sagittarius | Bathroom

Moon in Sagittarius suggests an emotional response that sees borders as something that can lead to greener pastures. This placement needs plenty of freedom and space to ensure that their happy go lucky approach remains intact.

Yet, there is a darker side of Sagittarius that can remain underground and become fodder for their dream life. They can be argumentative and sensitive to any type of criticism.

Their search for security will be closely tied to the freedom to be their own person and to make their own decisions. Security comes from knowing they have the freedom to keep moving and relaxation is found through exercise or the outdoors.

Their strong attraction to truth can lead to dreams that explore their own inner dichotomy. Getting naked, being exposed or dreams that revolve around the bathroom can suggest a need to ‘come clean’ or be truthful.

Moon in Sagittarius views their expansive and inclusive paradigm with pride. However, they can vacillate between being dependable and unreliable, without realizing it can appear flaky. This can lead to a temperamental display of indignation should someone bring it up.

Bathroom dreams not only suggest getting at the truth, but they also involve a deeper type of intimacy that can only occur through commitment. Being forced to reveal ourselves in public, whether in underwear dreams or getting naked is actually a good sign that we are exposing who we really are. Sagittarius is known for bucking conformity.

The healing journey suggested by the dream of Moon in Sagittarius revolve around balancing a need to be free with the responsibilities that can lead to a more authentic sense of pride.

Moon in Capricorn | Ocean and Mountains

The sign Capricorn evolved from Sumerian Enki, depicted as a fish-tailed goat. These attributes were necessary to allow him to traverse the watery underworld, and climb to the top of the mountains.

Astrology began in this area, and their world view held that the underworld was water and that the earth was not a sphere. Depicted as climbing a mountain, it is possible that before being the god of water, creation and fertility, Enki may have been associated with the sun.

There are many glyphs and ancient myths that portray the next day’s sun being transformed by traversing the underworld and climbing a mountain.

This reveals how Capricorn’s identity is strongly connected to accomplishment, tenacity and routine. Is anything more reliable than the rising and setting of the sun? Moon in Capricorn reveals this aspect in a more subterranean way.

Other aspects of the chart can make one outwardly identify with being an artist. However, a Moon in Capricorn will ensure that they aren’t the starving kind. The sign Capricorn is Astrology's #1 manifestor.

Moon in Capricorn describes a brooding quality and insecurity, which they rarely share with others. Capricorn is drawn to boundaries and clear expectations, so their pursuit of security is tied to discipline and routine. This can be a difficult placement for the emotional realm of the Moon, and potential partners will need patience in achieving a deeper bond with them.

Of all the Moon signs, Capricorn tends toward compulsive behaviors that are not easily changed. Dreams of being near the seashore embody one’s exploration of unconscious tendencies, while dreams of mountains portray the elevation of consciousness. Both are necessary as one moves beyond their self imposed limitations.

The healing journey for a Capricorn Moon is portrayed by dreams that allow one to work their insecurities so that they can identify with their strong sense of character.

Moon in Aquarius | Prophecy

Moon in Aquarius portrays a detached emotional response. They can feel different from others because they are so good at understanding the emotions of others. This Moon placement wants to be known as unique or unpredictable, therefore emotional intimacy will remain a puzzle always missing the one piece that will solve it. Chances are, it is their aloofness.

Security for this sign is tied to sharing good times with friends where they can explore their unique ideas through debate. Because it is the Moon and not the Sun in Aquarius, this placement suggests a more intuitive approach, where ideas and insights appear to come from out of the blue.

I often describe the 3 parts of a dream, where the first part describes the challenge, while the second portion morphs into a familiar landscape that can provide insight into how the conflict was created. When the scenery morphs again, the third portion suggests clues on how to work through the challenge.

The third is usually the most bizarre segment of the dream. I call this the ‘aha’ portion – because the breakthrough actually requires that the symbol is memorable, yet cryptic so that consciousness does not immediately shut it down. I love how dreams present complex ideas that incorporate many ideas in one bizarre symbol.

Additionally, the third portion is often prophetic. I have seen how this portion of the dream contains clues as to when and how the situation will be resolved. When you mix the intuitiveness of the Moon with the boundless sign of Aquarius, dreaming can be a path to innovation and invention.

Like Gemini, Moon in Aquarius can sometimes intellectualize the emotional realm. This aloof approach can be embodied by dreams of ice, snow or metallic landscapes. However, their aloof nature gives them the ability to discern without the interference of emotion. This is great for truth seekers, but a bit of a challenge for anyone seeking an intimate relationship.

The healing journey for Moon in Aquarius involves finding a balance between innovation and tradition, and the freedom to think outside-of-the box, while honoring the input of others.

Moon in Pisces | Natural Disasters

Moon in Pisces suggests an emotional response that is so deep it is almost psychic, and a feeling nature that has no sense of boundaries. The inner world of the Moon in Pisces individual is oceanic and it is easy for them to relate to others in a deep and compassionate way.

Seeking a sense of security for themselves will not come easy until they open to the idea that the mind is capable of more than just ego concerns. The symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions can show how reason and intuition are at odds for all of us.

Security for Moon in Pisces comes from validating their intuition and giving life to the wellspring of their creative and spiritual leanings. Their incredible sensitivity and creativity can lead them to find comfort in imaginative writing, music or healing work.

Pisces and the 12th house portray the melting pot where order dissolves into disorder, prior to rebirth. While this can be a nebulous placement for the Sun, the Moon is actually more comfortable in this realm.

The psyche is constantly evolving. This is the purpose of our dream life. We spend the day building structures that can lead to self-inhibiting ideas. When we sleep, these walls are torn down.

This is what natural disaster dreams portray. Dreams of earthquakes, houses crumbling and hurricanes have the power to take us out of one context and place us into a new perspective, even when it is completely unexpected. More than any other sign, Pisces needs to learn to let go.

A tsunami or flood demonstrates the power of the emotional realm to overwhelm ego’s limited perspective. It returns us to our feeling nature.

Moon in Pisces may dream of this nebulous and unmoored landscape, when they haven’t acknowledged the depth of their healing gifts and compassion.

The healing journey for Moon in Pisces involves incorporating their depths into whatever they have constructed of daily experience. Pisces needs to exist in two worlds at once: one that is tangible to us all – and the other that most of us only access in our dreams.