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Nature is a Teacher

Waves on dark sand beach

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Nature can inspire and teach us many things. This goes beyond how it renews our senses and fills us with wonder when we stand within it.

Looking more deeply at its diverse life forms, we gain insight about the human journey.

When you can remove any boundaries or assumptions you have about the natural world, you can begin to see and appreciate its mysterious ways.

We are composed of the same elements observed in everything we see around us. Each species has evolved differently, but we too, are simply natural creatures grown from life’s same building blocks.

Tree on the shore of a lake at night

A tree is like a wise old sage – it has weathered many storms and tells a story of environmental conditions in its rings. You may think you are the more evolved species, because you can chase after your desires – untethered, and free to run in all directions.

To the tree, you might look like you are going in circles. The tree is rooted in the unfolding moment and yet, it still receives everything it needs.

When autumn comes – and its leaves are tugged away – it would remind you how to let go with a sense of trust that everything unfolds perfectly in time. It reveals how growth is a process of remaining open to renewal.

Each day, you rise in your awareness and at night, you retreat into your inner world. As you dream, you explore your life from a different awareness. Your blossoming too, is a process of moving inward and outward according to fixed rhythms.

In its roots hidden below the surface, they mirror the expanse of its branches above. The tree demonstrates how you cannot achieve abundance without expanding and fortifying your inner vision. Who you are is a reflection of the world that resides within you.

Duck splashing on lake

And the lake, too, offers a lesson. It would help you understand your emotional landscape and responses. Throw rocks and the water ripples in waves, but the disturbance is always transitory. Cultivate your inner depths so that you can remain anchored to your center.

No need to react to any transitory disturbance.

Watching the sun rise, the warm and cold air mix to become the wind and it takes form in the swaying branches. There are many great forces that remain invisible to us, even while they shape our journey.

By simply shining – the sun sets off a chain reaction of abundance across the earth.

Radiate your warmth across the tapestry of all that you encounter. You will see how life opens to you because you are radiant and not worried about how you are received.

We classify time by the sun’s movement and often get lost beneath our own weather patterns. But the sun doesn’t change. It is always shining.

Colorful pebbles

The rock would teach you about not taking what you see at face value. Weathered by the vicissitudes of life, their deeper colors are revealed.

Some have traveled over great distances to arrive here. Pick one up and before you set it down – consider the enormous amount of time it has been on this earth. Compared to the rock – your life cycle is a blip – and you are the newcomer here.

The first minerals to form were the result of energetic stars and exploding supernovas. In fact, the first crystal was a microscopic species of diamond created by the intense pressures.

The rock demonstrates how you too, are shaped to perfection through adversity. Life unmasks your authenticity through the challenges you face.

You stand on one of those rocks right now, perhaps, unaware of the perfect conditions that allow you to thrive. Without any effort on your part, your body is healed daily – and yet, you may live in the illusion that life is working against you. It isn’t.

Life is committed to the wellness of everything it creates.

The mountains remind us to conserve our energy through stillness. They preserve snow that will flow into rivers when it is needed below. They offer a lesson about moderation and balance.

Just as the wind chisels away its façade, experience will reveal who you are. Life props you up and makes you sturdy too. No need to push your way into a world that already knew you were coming.

Full moon on a cloudy night

And as the moon peaks out through the darkness, it would teach you about your blindspots. You might hide away your power to be unique – but it was life’s gift to you. It would show you how you can turn the tide through constancy of character. Just as it reflects the light of the sun, it might remind you to light the way for others in their times of darkness.

Even something as invisible as gravity can become a teacher. It shows how important commitment is in being pulled inexorably toward your vision. The outcome always reveals your level of commitment.

To change your trajectory – consider what you are committed to.

And friction in nature would teach you about the unseen forces that refine your forward movement.

Reduce the friction and you roll and slide – your forward movement actually becomes less predictable, perhaps even dangerous.

Flowers portray the sense of purpose needed to push beyond obstacles, so that you can stand tall and reveal your true colors.

The atmosphere, jet streams, and ocean currents show us how nature regulates balance in a way that ensures optimal temperatures to sustain life. Although the way forward may appear frightening and new – you too, are swept up in a movement that will return you to balance.

Nature can be your teacher because you are a part of nature. When you can look deeper into its diversity, you might understand the human journey the way nature sees it. You are special only because everything in nature is unique. It honors diversity while orchestrating the interaction of the whole. And it’s all about guiding life to its highest potential.

Stand at the threshold of awareness and open to wonder. Release your sense of separation from what you see unfolding around you. Rather than classify nature in human terms, trace the human journey from nature’s perspective.

When you open to its wisdom – you will be swept into a flow of abundance that is focused on becoming the best it can be.