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Discover Your Life Purpose

Dandelion seeds taking flight

What can a seed teach us about finding our life purpose?

June 2017
All things can only achieve success in life by remaining true to their nature.

Walking through a field, you see a flower growing on the hillside. You admire its beauty, while wholly unaware of its leaves, opened like tiny solar panels to capture the sunlight. Without understanding the intricacies of this plant, you may fail to appreciate what it can teach you about discovering your life purpose.

Within its seed is a blueprint of everything it may become. As it pushes beyond the earth and rocks to initiate photosynthesis, it moves through the darkness, intuitively knowing there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Whether fruit or flower, all direction manifests from within. Through photosynthesis, it releases the oxygen atom from the carbon molecule. The plant thrives and yet, it nourishes other life forms in the process. By taking its place within the larger fabric, it is simply being the unique creature nature designed it to be.

On its journey, all obstacles peel away its protective covering. It pushes beyond any rocks that will stabilize its soil, keeping water near its roots. The rock also forces the stalk to grow stronger, ensuring that it will remain steady through the changing climate. In the world of nature, the rock is every bit as important as the plant.

Like seeds, inside is a blueprint of all we may become. We say a plant is not conscious because it does not demonstrate our type of movement and awareness. However, time lapse shows how it bends to reach the sun so it can survive. Bees and ladybugs keep it prolific and healthy and its progeny are carried away on the fur of passing animals or on the wind. The plant is conscious; it is just not walking around wishing that it could be something it is not.

You are a unique variation of your genetic line. Even among family members, you are unique. Nature does this to ensure competition for short supply is minimized in close proximity. You join groups because of shared similarities - but your unique gift is revealed in the ways that you are different. What you want from others - give this freely. Only by giving can you discover your gifts.

Feeling lost in a world that holds a special place for you is just the distance you have traveled from being who you really are. Nature scatters and brings things together in an all or nothing equation that ensures harmony at all levels. You need not do anything and all is right in your body and in the world. Why would experience not unfold in the same way? Hopelessness is an illusion of controlling what was never yours to control. Be like a dandelion pod floating on the wind, and be lifted up by the unknown.

Cultivate the type of joy that can only manifest when you become a witness to how life has, and continues to shape you. All of experience is meant to unmask you.

Follow the unique design that defines who you are and what you may become. Stay true to your nature and all of life will support you in your blossoming.

Use all the gifts that nature endowed you with,
and proceed until you find a way to manifest them.

Explore how you approach change. Do you see life as a growth opportunity or a place where you defend ideas of the past against the future? Ask yourself: “Do I have a clear sense of my life purpose?” Without a sense of purpose - life loses its meaning. Ask yourself: “When I defend my ideas, am I perhaps missing the opportunity to better understand who I might become?” If you are riding in life’s carriage through a landscape designed to cultivate your real face, preconceived judgments can become blinders. Write down what you believe to be your greatest strength. Write down your greatest weakness. How can you combine your strength and weakness into something new? Is what you listed as a weakness really a gift?