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Adversity's Alchemy

crystals and fossils

Alchemy is the idea that something can be transformed, boiled down or refined into its more valuable essence. It allows for inner transformation and the release of self-defeating ideas that can block our growth. In this sense, we undergo a form of inner alchemy when we dream each night.

Adversity too, provides for transformation. It is often misunderstood as bad luck, and when we meet difficulty on the path, we often feel sorry for ourselves. We wonder what we did wrong to deserve the punishment.

In nature – nothing is ever wrong. It merely strives to be better.

Adversity can be viewed as nature’s alchemy. Evolutionary processes continually refine and shape life, allowing us to navigate and thrive in our environment. Each challenge demonstrates the remarkable ability of nature to turn adversity into an opportunity for growth and authentic well-being.

When great responsibility is about to befall one, life appears to confound all undertakings. Thereby it stimulates the mind, toughens the nature and improves all deficiencies.

We can achieve a perspective where adversity disappears. By changing our relationship to it, we come to see that adversity is inherent in nature’s plan. It is an aspect of evolution that keeps us growing, and returns us to who we were meant to be.

As living organisms, nature is cultivating something unique within each of us. Only by peeling away the layers that mask our authenticity, can we rise to become what nature intended.

Life’s gentle prodding

whittles away

the unnecessary –

until only the necessary remains.

Success isn’t just the measure of whether or not we achieve our goals. From nature’s perspective, success is a pathway of self-completion. Generally, we have no idea of what we are capable of achieving until we meet the challenge.

It takes a blending of passion, vision and the path to lead us to this vision of self-completion.

Adversity is like a disruptive weather pattern that transforms a parched environment into the flowing rivers that return life. It is why a tree will grow taller than surrounding trees through the challenge of reaching higher toward the light.

Failure and success are just two variations of the same step forward.

An Opportunity for Growth: Challenges force us to learn and grow. When faced with obstacles, we often develop new skills. When helping another, we often discover our greater capabilities, or gifts that were dormant. Overcoming adversity helps us become more resilient and adaptable. Nature’s alchemy is shaping us in its creative vision of what is possible.

Building Character: Facing difficulty often tests our perseverance, patience, and determination. Overcoming challenges can lead to the development of qualities such as resilience, grit, and give life to our unique characteristics.

Problem-Solving Skills: Adversity often requires creative problem-solving. Success is frequently associated with the ability to navigate and overcome obstacles. Developing effective problem-solving skills is essential for achieving long-term success in various aspects of life.


are the breeding ground

for nature’s strength.

Appreciating our Success: Success becomes more meaningful and appreciated when it is achieved by overcoming challenges. The journey of facing difficulties adds depth and value to our life, making it more satisfying and fulfilling.

Motivation and Drive: Difficulties can serve as powerful motivators. When faced with challenges, we often find a deeper sense of purpose in our lives. The ability to see how the challenge is giving form to our sense of purpose can fuel sustained effort and determination.

Resilience and Authenticity: Success is often accompanied by setbacks and failures. Sometimes we don’t know what is important to us until we are forced to defend it. We can buck how conformity would make us into someone that we are not. Whatever is blocking our path is also leading us forward.


is the hunger pain

for change.

Joy –

its constant companion.

Building Confidence: Developing confidence requires that we meet the challenge presented. When we have no goals, the opportunity to build self-esteem is non-existent. Each challenge met and conquered provides evidence of our capabilities, contributing to a positive self-image and the belief that future challenges can also be overcome.

Adaptability: Nature has created a world that is incredibly dynamic. Success often requires the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Facing a challenge is the only way nature can push us out of our comfort zone.

Nothing in nature can remain stagnant. Through adversity, nature demonstrates its commitment to nurturing our individuality. Experiencing difficulty can transform our values and priorities, and lead to a shift in focus towards what truly matters in life.

Compassion is key to a better relationship with adversity. When we can transcend our sense of being separate from all we see, life becomes bigger than us – more magical. Challenging experiences allow us to develop a greater understanding of others' struggles. Those in pain may want to hurt us so we can feel what they are feeling.

Nothing is wrong – adversity is witling away the unnecessary. You cannot change their mind, so compassion requires no argument. A painful reaction only makes them believe their pain is real. You are the guest here, not the host, so don’t try to fix them. Be patient while they discover their own relationship to their path.

When adversity appears before you, respect it as you would a teacher. Open to the pruning so that you can blossom into nature’s vision of who you were meant to be.

Life only meets us halfway.

The other part of the journey

allows us to discover

our greater capabilities.

May 2024 be your best year yet! Happy New Year!