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The Cure

Lady with Lotos

One of life’s most amazing gifts is how it attends to the body through unconscious and autonomous processes that continuously cure us. From breathing to circulation, sweating, coagulation and even sleep, nature gives us exactly what we need.

As you absorb elements from the environment, you assimilate what will help you grow, and discard the ‘container’ that delivered the nutrients.

The mind too, is like a digestive organ. Dreaming allows for the exploration of ideas outside of everyday context to explore the Self more objectively. You assimilate what encourages your authenticity, while discarding self-defeating ideas. This upgrade to your operating system happens while you sleep.

We can take this a step further. Each of your experiences also unfolds as a cure. Changes to your outlook can come in the ‘containers’ of others, or when meeting the unexpected.

And like digestion, there is no need to hold onto the container. You can take in the lesson, and let go of the rest.

When the mind is like a mirror,

it grasps, but does not keep.

Many factors can motivate decision making and capture your attention. The question is whether your focus is self-limiting or empowering. When you are on a path of cultivating peace and abundance, you eventually confront the walls you unwittingly erect to block it.

Nature provides the perfect remedy, removing barriers to its forward progress. When your ideas block this forward movement, you too, will be set free. No matter your expectations, what unfolds has a way of allowing you to blossom beyond your limitations. In this way, the unexpected becomes a mirror and a gift.

The energy of your participation can be understood as the ‘charge’ you carry. The charge can stem from fear, anxiety, anger, willfulness or frustration. The unexpected allows you to trace the origin of the charge so that you can understand what you protect – and let it go. When you open, peacefulness returns

Eventually, you will learn to stop embroiling and pushing. To be in flow – acquiesce to what is. Surrender to the joy that can get buried beneath unnecessary and protective layers.

When you open to the cure, you can transform confusion and disappointment into joy and discovery.

This is Taoism.

Become the guest, not the host.

Disappointment is the first sign that the cure is knocking on your closed door. Welcome this unexpected visitor as a pathway to discovery.

You might look around to observe what other people are doing and return to yourself feeling very alone and misunderstood. However, you have worked long and hard to arrive where you are. When you can recognize how the past shaped who you are, you will see how each moment fits you perfectly.

It isn't what you had in mind

because it needs to be let in.

Others can become a mirror of your energy and help in your blossoming. Are you open and treating others with the respect of sharing the path, or, are you closed and defending the importance of your mind?

Cultivate the abundance that emerges through this participation. When the charge ignites a response in you, open to the cure.

How long has life’s deeper mystery evaded your grasp? Are the storms a way of softening your hardened outlook? What is the garden when the idea of ‘you’ is given over to the Gardener?

Let your becoming remain a mystery,

while you cultivate the art of blossoming.

Blossoming is the idea that an organic seed within is being encouraged toward growth by the right outer conditions. By letting go, the Great Mystery playfully romances your true nature out of hiding. It unmasks and disarms you until all that is left is the wisdom of realizing you are no different from a flower.

Disappointment is a word that derives from the idea of ‘being removed from office’. In this way, being in charge is what creates the charge – so let it go. Are you stepping ahead of each moment – or can you follow behind? Can you see how a gentle retreat of energy returns you to wonder?

You can mold clay into a vessel

yet it is its emptiness that makes it useful.

Why would being an empty vessel lead to a more fulfilling existence? Relinquishing the defensiveness of upholding the importance of your mind – you can instead, become open to what you are protecting. Don’t limit yourself to what you know. Become the groundbreaker of your limitless inner world.

Wander in the unfathomable.

Detonate the barriers you thought you needed for protection – you don’t need them here. Surrender to the care life has always provided. The cure comes from the very thing that made you. It knows what you need because it brought you here.

In the eyes of nature, each and every creation is a work of art. Environmental factors influence everything, which means even snowflakes are shaped uniquely. Their symmetry captures the circular way you always return to your center, while being shaped by each experience. Nature is always creating symmetry to keep everything balanced and in proportion.

Find your footing in the undefined.

Beyond the voracious longing to accumulate and hold, you already have all that you need. In the same way your dreams seem to know you better than you know yourself, each experience has a similar purpose. Let go of your agenda to see where life may lead you.

Like the cure, the word ‘remedy’ derives from the idea of ‘going back’ to heal. Where does this backward movement lead you? To your center. There is no need to fight your way into the world – a place has been set for you.

You can enjoy the banquet of abundance observable at all levels of nature's behavior.

In the vacuous space created by letting go, you actually become magnetic. Allow the bellows to stoke your inner fire until its warmth illuminates your eyes. Allow the fire to continuously renew your center, and remove any sense of striving. Be in peacefulness and show up in innocence.

How deliciously meaningful it is to discover that nothing was ever wrong. Like pruning or drainage, you are often cured by what is taken away.

When you let go of your defenses, you learn to show up without fear.

Keep your defenses and you will know only fear.

When you let go of your judgments – you discover how to live in freedom.

Keep your judgments and you miss the point of living.

Become the newborn baby who arrived into this world as a miracle. You need never let go of the miraculous way you keep arriving in your blossoming. It wasn’t your choice and yet, here you are.

You have worked long and hard to arrive at this moment. Can you trace the many ways life knows you better than you know yourself? Enjoy this journey – it has been custom designed for you.

And remember – you are loved more than you can ever know.