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Increase Self Esteem

Leaf dropping water from gravity

What can gravity teach us about self-esteem?

May 2017
There are many forces in the universe and all are meant
to keep some aspect of the inner life centered.

Aristotle said: "You are what you repeatedly do." An achiever achieves, a gardener gardens and a beggar begs. You can spend your entire life reinforcing what you believe you are capable of, until it becomes a lifestyle. To encounter a change in your experiences, you would have to change your beliefs. To change your beliefs, you may have to open your door and travel outside of your paradigm.

Gravity was once believed to be a 'spooky' power inherent in planets. This force was believed to act at a distance to influence each other. Einstein transformed our ideas of gravity by showing how spacetime is like a fabric. Space and time are intertwined in a way that movement over distances will actually change how a sense of time is perceived. Planets 'sink into' this fabric creating the geometrical distortions in the fabric that pulls other bodies toward it. These other bodies create their own indentation in such a way that they also sink into a 'grooved' orbit. The careful balance between one planets orbit and the indentation of a larger body keeps planets from colliding. The efficacy of a planet's gravitational field (energy) is similar to self esteem.

If you feel insecure, all events will be viewed hungrily, as you search out there to fill that thing that is missing in here. A low level of self-esteem is like trying to capture rain without a bucket, or attempting to plant flowers on rocks. Rather than being self assured, you can live in a perpetual state of seeking positive feedback that you simply cannot hear.

Gravity can inspire you to understand the polarity of your inner core. Situations are not happening to you, they are happening because of you. Situations are judged relative to the magnetic pull of your beliefs. This force of attraction reveals how the stronger and more stable something is, the more it pulls other bodies toward it. Bodies that are weaker tend to fall into the orbit of other bodies.

Going into space has allowed us to understand gravity’s importance on our physiological processes. We can think of it as a type of organizing or centering influence for many of the mechanisms occurring in the natural world. Gravitational loading points all mass toward a common center in the earth to keep all systems performing efficiently. Without gravity, skeletal, chemical and even ecological processes are unable to function properly.

If you are lacking in self esteem or feeling insecure, you are like a planet in freefall, being buffeted by the trajectories and influences of everything around you. Gravity can teach you about the importance of fortifying and empowering your center. Without a strong inner core, you might continue to blame everything around you for your condition, although the condition is really your weightlessness.

It is always comical how we take full responsibility for our success, but blame events for why we fail. Concentrate on connecting with your own 'groove' and ignore what those who appear bigger than you are doing. If you copy or follow them, you might slam into them and lose your identity. Nature endowed you with the power to do your own thing and set you into orbit.

Be inspired by gravity to explore the unique qualities that set you apart from everyone around you. You may be attracted to others because of the ways you are alike, but your unique contribution to life is revealed in what sets you apart.

Fortify your center by releasing the tendency to understand yourself in the mirror of others. This is your universe that is holding your feet to the ground. Stand up and take stock of who you are - life is not a dress rehearsal.

Gravity in nature is the centering mechanism that ensures all living things perform their specialized task.

You are a unique variation of the line that you carry forward;
only you know what it means to be fearlessly yourself.

Observe a successful person. What is it about them that attracts success? Is it their fearlessness in being who they are? Do they find direction by seeking acceptance, or are they propelled forward by their inner vision? Ask yourself if your feelings of being vulnerable are tied to being afraid of something - If so, write down what it is you fear. Chances are, this thing you are protecting is also the attribute that makes you special. Observe how the natural world might function if a bird chose not to sing, or a flower chose not to blossom? Which person is more successful in life – one who sees themselves in the mirror of others or one who listens for the sound of their own drummer?