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Enemy of Enlightenment

Enemy of Enlightenment

So long ago,

it remains even today.

The faint outline,

of life’s Mysterious Passage.

It can take the shape of one word,

or maybe two?

Perhaps a sentence.

A flower or a stone.

Sounds or shapes,

it really doesn’t matter.

Your breath and the wind

move in unison.

You are the architect

of all you build,

while life cleverly tears down

your walls.

The One

moves mysteriously,

like the sun on the horizon.

It comes like a bird,

in the early morning.

Its memory is old,

as old as time.

But it hasn’t forgotten

you are here.

It asks you:

why play the game

of hide and seek?

Like dreams,

enlightenment washes the sleep from your eyes.

But the moment it comes,

it is just as easily – forgotten.

Consider this:

You know how difficult it is to remember your dreams?

The minute you awaken,

even as you ponder its meaning,

the dream evaporates.

Dreams are like a mist,

swallowed by the rising tide of reason.

In the ebbing and flowing

of night’s curious fabric,

the harder you try to remember

the more the dream slips out of reach.

It seems the enemy of your enlightenment wants to remain hidden.

How much more difficult

is enlightenment by day?

Can the awakening be any different?

You capture glimmers of meaning,

dancing in life’s illustrious flow.

But these sudden and momentary insights

elude your grasp.

It is as if the awakening

is adrift on an unknown sea.

You reach for what you remember,

and the same enemy of enlightenment pushes it away.

But you will find the answer

when you can trace the outline

of the one who doesn’t want to know.

Who is this enemy of your enlightenment?

And what does it guard so fearfully?

Why should you forget

your constant communion with the Source?

It closes the door

to all of your desires to open it.

You call it ego,

but it is simply fear.

Is it true that knowing you will die

made life into a game of survival?

Fear is the signpost

revealing where you hide.

Life always finds you.

Stop worrying,

and all will be well in your world.

You cannot see

how your desires

perpetuate the illusion of suffering.

Desire is the longing of a cup that is already full.

Suffering is every bit a gift

as receiving your desire.

It cracks you open wide,

so you are better able to receive.

Emotions are the tyranny

that rise against what the heart already knows.

Restrain your arbitrary needs.

All that you need

is what you came here to share.

Perceive through the heart’s intelligence.

Live in gratitude.

Trade reasoning

for faith.

How softly you rise

without striving.

How gently life receives you

when you arrive

without going.